Welcome! Pope Francis was hospitalized with a respiratory infection. BREAKING: Army Black Hawk helicopters crash killing 9 service members - Fox NEW: NHL Commish Says League Will ‘Evaluate’ Future Pride Nights After Player Protests: It’s Become a ‘Distraction’ -
CORRECTION: Don Parsons was not originally a Democrat. He has just always acted like one, from what several of his constituents tell me. Hi. You all…
The Inconvenient Children Killed by GunsWatch now (6 min) | I encourage you to listen to Leland Vittert’s opening monologue last night from “On Balance,” his news program on NewsNation. In…
Hundreds of technology leaders including Elon Musk, Andrew Yang, and Steve Wozniak are calling on OpenAI to pause the advancement of the artificial…
Welcome! Katie Hobbs’ press secretary tweeted the unthinkable. OLD IS NEW: Why dumb phones are on the rise in the U.S. - CNBC NEW: Ivy League Prices Are…
I don’t need to write a ton here. I just want to make a point. With the left and the press these days, all leftwing progress is not happening, it is all…
Can you imagine the media reaction if a Republican’s press secretary had done what Governor Katie Hobbs’ press secretary did today after a mass shooting…
My wife has an incurable form of stage four lung cancer. Every day for the past six years she takes a pill that keeps the tumors at bay. The pill was…
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