Accountability and Hydroxychloroquine

Also, a recommendation if you need a stimulus payroll loan

Let me get this out of the way first and this is not an ad, though after I’d already written this Mr. Frost did say he wants to run ads on my radio show about this. But, I just know and trust the family. If you have a small business or know someone who has a small business, my friend Brant Frost and his team at First Liberty Building and Loan are helping small business owners apply for the new emergency SBA PPP loans. Those are the payroll protection program loans. You can go to and in as little as 24 hours, they can get you approved for a loan. You can also call them at 770-253-4300. Be sure to tell them I sent you.

Also, they can help anyone nationwide, regardless of your state.

Now, I don’t actually want to write a huge missive this morning, I just want to call your attention to this thread on Twitter by my friend Drew Holden. This all speaks for itself and you need to read it all the way to the bottom.

Also, you should go follow Drew on Twitter if you are on Twitter. If you are not on Twitter, now is not the time to start. You’ll live a happier life learning to juggle knives and grenades.