And Another Thing!

I hit send too soon on that last piece.

I meant to add this.

While everyone is casting blame around, you know who else deserves some blame? The global warming brigade.

For years they have touted models that showed every sort of fear scenario imaginable. Remember, we have less than twelve, ten, nine, eight… years before the world ends. New York should have been underwater years ago. The polar bears are all going to die. The Arctic will be ice free by 2015, 2016, 2017, etc.

Yes, I am in the camp that believes the climate is changing and no, I really don’t care. We are adaptable people and have a free market that can solve the problems.

But the nightmare scenarios have largely been about securing government grants and seeding fear and panic to inspire action.

And so, so, so many of the nightmare scenarios have never come to be. So many of the claims about climate change are just tied to undermining capitalism. So many of the claims will never come about.

There will be no accountability because the media has bought into the agenda and embraces all the wild claims.

Even now, Barack Obama and others are out claiming we now need to deal with climate change while fighting this pandemic. That just makes even people like me want to sit on my hands.

If we have to embrace all the bad climate change models and crap claims and b.s. science because the pandemic modeling by epidemiologists are right, let’s just let this virus cull the herd. After all, the climate change people are saying a mass kill off of humanity will solve the problem. At least then these worrying money grubbers will shut up.

Seriously, and I don’t mean to be flippant like the last paragraph was, but the climate change models have been so bad for so long with so much false hysteria and so many wild claims, they have helped a lot of people dismiss modeling altogether.

Yes, the climate change environmentalists and their friends in the media who have spent years scaring the hell out of people only to see their nightmare scenarios not happen have not only undermined the case for climate change but are now allowing people to point to those crazy claims to undermine the modeling on the pandemic.

So well done.

But Trump!