Russ Vought Nominated for OMB Director

This is fantastic news for conservatives and our national fiscal sanity.

Russ Vought is a friend and the acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget. I have known Russ and his wife for a decade. They are outstanding people grounded in faith and conservative conviction.

Russ is the man in the arena we need at OMB right now. He is fundamentally a believer in limited government and now forced to be in charge of a massive government expenditure to save the economy in a time of crisis. That is what we need — someone mindful that a growing government needs restraint to preserve liberty while also faithfully carrying out the directives of the President to preserve the financial wellbeing of the people, the businesses of the nation, and the private sector.

Having a man suspicious of the government leviathan in charge of it for the President is the right call. He will faithfully execute the powers of his office while being a good steward of the preservation of liberty and the constitutional order.

I am deeply encouraged the President is choosing to advance Russ’s nomination to the Senate and the Senate should expedite his confirmation at this critical time.