COVID-19 Update for March 18th

Some links upfront:

Johns Hopkins dashboard

For my Georgia audience, here’s the county by county map

Please go read this thread on what the Imperial College found and how its simulation research has led the United States and other countries to shut down.

See this thread from a 39 year old and how debilitating COVID-19 was to him.

This story is behind a pay wall, but the opening can be read and is disturbing:

Chinese laboratories identified a mystery virus as a highly infectious new pathogen by late December last year, but they were ordered to stop tests, destroy samples and suppress the news, a Chinese media outlet has revealed.

A regional health official in Wuhan, centre of the outbreak, demanded the destruction of the lab samples that established the cause of unexplained viral pneumonia on January 1. China did not acknowledge there was human-to-human transmission until more than three weeks later.

The detailed revelations by Caixin Global, a respected independent publication, provide the clearest evidence yet of the scale of the cover-up in the crucial early weeks when the opportunity was lost to control the outbreak.

Censors have been rapidly deleting the report from the Chinese internet.

Relatedly, this piece in the Washington Post is a necessary must read as reporters in the United States continue to push communist propaganda against the Trump Administration.

I’m sorry, but it is not racist to use the phrase “Wuhan virus” or “Chinese virus.” These are the phrases the media used until the Chinese communists complained. Here is a letter from a Chinese pastor in Wuhan who called it the “Wuhan virus.”

The Media Focus

It should bother everyone tremendously that the President of the United States and his taskforce set up to fight this virus released a massive amount of news today and the media focused on the “Chinese virus” phrase and its purported racism.

China has been propping up American media outlets for some time with massive spreads in newspapers, etc. I’m starting to wonder if they are making cash payments to reporters.

About that news

The President announced he is using military powers to get manufacturers to make critical healthcare supplies for the United States.

He is ending all HUD related evictions and foreclosures.

He is leaning towards $2000 cash payments to Americans and an airline bailout.

He has agreed with Canada to close the border between the countries.

The White House task force is pointing out that millennials in Europe are suffering terribly from the disease. The initial reports that young people will not be badly affected appear true, but half of those in ICU in France and Italy are 20 and 30 somethings. That’s big news.


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