Democrats' Brains Break

First, on a personal note, twenty years ago today, my wife said “I do.” I’m not sure why, but she’s put up with me all this time. We have lived a blessed and surreal life and I hope she’ll put up with me fifty more years or so. Thank you, Christy, for loving me.

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Now, on with the show.

I don’t even know what I witnessed yesterday. It was bizarre. Let’s first go with the non-Barrett stuff. Nancy Pelosi had a meltdown live on television with *checks my notes* Wolf Blitzer!!!! Wolf! Seriously, Pelosi had the audacity to admit she thinks not making a deal for working families benefits her team politically and Blitzer questioned her. So Pelosi accused him of pushing GOP talking points. Yes, she accused Wolf Blitzer of that. Maybe we need to assess the mental fitness of Pelosi as Speaker.

Then there was the Barrett hearings.

Sheldon Whitehouse is a dimwitted idiot. The man is obsessed with “dark money” even though Whitehouse is a prime beneficiary of it. He doesn’t seem to know or understand what it is and that he has benefited from him. But he is convinced Amy Coney Barrett is the devil and funded by dark money. Maybe the guy should lay off Harry Potter.

Whitehouse literally spent thirty minutes lecturing Barrett about the conspiracy network pushing her confirmation and let her say zero. You can read more about Whitehouse going down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole here.

Watch Ted Cruz respond:

Then there was Mazie Hirono asking Amy Coney Barrett if she has ever raped anyone. Somewhere in Hawaii, a village is missing an idiot.

Even Kamala Harris failed to land any blows, but we did find the reporters who want to hump her leg the way some Trump fanboys do him. Really, this is embarrassing to read, but we must make note of it.

Harris failed to land any blows on Barrett other than calling her a liar, for which she was rebuked by Senator Kennedy of Louisiana.

This is the best the Democrats could muster today. They were completely ineffective against a very sharp nominee. Barrett had sharp and emotional answers on George Floyd and balancing her personal and professional life and the attacks on her family. She was just excellent.

The Democrats just showed a lot of stupid people graduate every year from law school.