Disproportionality Will Lead to Violence

The Union is fraying and cancel culture is radicalizing otherwise reasonable people.

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These are dangerous times.

One bad word choice, one misunderstanding, and often one false accusation can lead the mob to your employer or even to your door. You can be ruined and no apology can bring you back unless that apology involves capitulation.

A society that prides itself on pluralism thrives with differences of opinion. But increasingly some opinions that were legitimate yesterday, last week, or last year are today deemed unacceptable. Uttering those words or opinions or inartfully uttering a statement of commonly held opinion can ruin you.

Coupled with the cancelations for opinionation is a zeal to mainline and mainstream views that society has kept out of the mainstream and mainline of thought.

Gertrude Himmelfarb wrote, “What was once stigmatized as deviant behavior is now tolerated and even sanctioned; what was once regarded as abnormal has been normalized . . . . As deviancy is normalized, so what was once normal becomes deviant. The kind of family that has been regarded for centuries as natural and moral — the ‘bourgeois’ family as it is invidiously called — is now seen as pathological.”

We see this with Black Lives Matter, the organization, declaring itself against the traditional nuclear family. We see it with its activists attacking anyone who points out that Black Lives Matter maintains this position.

The underlying issue in all of this is how one-sided and disproportionate it is. One day we are arguing about whether people of the same sex can marry. The next day, your daughter is competing against a boy who declares himself a girl and you’re a hateful bigot if you object.

The Christian baker must bake the cake, but the cultural, secular left gets to opt-out when it disagrees. One side gets to impose its will on the other.

With Disney, multiple stars made multiple remarks wishing death upon Trump supporters, comparing them to the Nazis, and comparing the United States to Nazi Germany. They still have their jobs. They are on the left.

Gina Carano, of the right, gets tossed for a Holocaust comparison. However ill advised it was, her costars with strident views against half the nation get to keep their jobs.

Not only that, there is no escape. Corporate America has gone decidedly woke. No professional sports match is complete without woke commentators or athletes forcing everyone else to agree or suffer through their opinions as if they are the only legitimate ones.

Jeep trots out a rabid partisan with a history of disparaging remarks towards the right and they place him in a church declaring we need the middle. If anyone objects, they’re the bad person.

While lecturing Americans on race, sexuality, anti-biology, and equity, these same corporations, most media outlets, and the left are willing to glad-hand and do business with a communist nation that runs real concentration camps, forcibly sterilizes its citizens, and kills or jails anyone who speaks up. Disney, firing Carano for a holocaust reference, willfully did business in an area of China that runs actual concentration camps. The NBA that lectures America on black lives mattering makes a tidy sum by ignoring Hong Kong lives. Nike, which employs self-promoting demi-gods of wokeness and failed former football quarterbacks like Kaepernick to lecture Americans on their sins makes a pretty penny from China’s sins. Paramount, part of CBS Viacom, is willing to alter the badges on Maverick of Top Gun to placate China while also being tied to a CBS News division.

The other news networks are the same. As they demand progressive social orthodoxy, it is only a matter of time before they tip toe around coverage of China so the news divisions’ sister film studios are not shut out of that box office.

Together, these media institutions, corporations, and woke progressives let China cancel and exterminate millions and here will cancel someone who violates woke orthodoxy at the drop of a hat — often for things that only yesterday were permissible.

The disparity in cancellations is going to boil over to violence. We are, frankly, getting our first early tastes of this.

The media is no longer trusted and participates in cancel culture. Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter at CNN are employed to attempt to cancel conservatives whose views they abhor. CNN actually had a reporter show up at an elderly woman’s home to excoriate her for liking something on Facebook she did not know was Russian propaganda.

ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times, etc. are no better and are often even worse. The New York Times has not only attempted to revise American history with a mythological retelling premised on race, but anyone who points it out is a racist. The New York Times employs reporters whose seemingly entire job is based on how many lives they can ruin for wrong think.

The seething over the disparity caused a lot of people to support Donald Trump and a great many of them were and are willing to turn a blind eye to what people did on January 6th because they know what much of the left and the press won’t admit — that side really does want to silence Trump supporters.

Not a day goes by that Trump supporters, conservatives, Christians, and others not of the left are portrayed as bad, evil, wrong, and worthy of silence.

The media, corporations, and the left are in sync — an American Taliban that doesn’t take a life, but certainly is willing to destroy a life and ruin a career for wrong speak, wrong thought, and wrong belief.

Together, they form shifting boundaries that make it impossible for everyone to keep up. What was acceptable last year, if uttered today, summons the mob and gets you fired. The disproportionate power of the secular left will result in further radicalization on the right and it absolutely will lead to escalating violence.

These entities will blame the right, Trump, talk radio, and everyone other than themselves. But it is increasingly clear to a lot of Americans on the right that the secular left, fully in control of major institutions, is in a cold war with half the country. They are pushing us not to plurality, but to separation.

If the right cannot voice its views and people of the right can be punished for things the left is spared from, there will come greater antagonism that will ultimately lead to violence.

Those on the left may think themselves more civil, more tolerant, free of bigotry, etc., but they aren’t. Their cultural antagonism to others is going to end badly for all of us. The Woke waging a jihad against every aspect of American culture they deem racist will provoke an angry response. The only major difference at this point between the Woke and the jihadists who murdered the Charlie Hebdo employees is, in fact, murder. Draw a cartoon that offends the Woke and you won’t die, but you may never work again and have your life destroyed with no possibility of redemption — or only redemption if you convert to Wokeness.

On Election Day, Donald Trump won the votes of 74 million people and came within 43,000 votes of holding on to the White House. The disproportionate power of the left to shape and govern cancel culture will push more people right. The right will get power back.

I don’t think the left understands or recognizes that it is contributing to a destabilizing situation that will ultimately lead to violence if it is not stopped. Friends of mine on the right — grounded, reasonable, and optimistic — are increasingly radicalizing and pessimistic. The left’s constant push left and demands we all follow will push many to the point of deciding it is time we all go our separate ways and that will end badly for all of us.

These are dangerous times. Our nation stands ready to break apart. We should work like hell to keep it together. But that requires us all to tolerate one another, tolerate views we hate, and tolerate letting each person live as they desire in communities of likeminded people. I’m afraid, however, the left won’t let it happen.

In America, a socially conservative person should be allowed to live in a socially conservative area that bans abortion centers and does not have transgender bathroom access or its bakers compelled to bake cakes for gay weddings. In America, a socially liberal person should be allowed to live in a community that funds the local abortion clinic, has transgender bathrooms, and encourages the whole town to turn out and celebrate the gay wedding. The only exception to what some may perceive as intolerance is race because our nation explicitly fought a war over that issue and the right side prevailed and amended the constitution accordingly.

That some will read the prior paragraph and refuse to acknowledge the validity of each side being able to live in communities governed by majority cultural interest is why the United States will not stay united and the disproportionate power of the left to end careers and wipe out livelihoods for failure to adhere to their cultural orthodoxy is why the United States is not going to survive unless something changes.

The only way to de-escalate the situation is for the left to accept it cannot govern who on the right is deemed worthy of listening to and vice versa with the right. Both sides must ignore the demands of their mobs. Common consensus on action must happen within cultural institutions for action or cancelation. There cannot and will not be unilateral disarmament and if we don’t de-escalate and disarm I so very much fear people will take up real arms and January 6th will be a beginning of something awful for all.