Fauci Becomes Unhelpful and Other Matters

If you want people to get the vaccine, probably don’t tell them they can’t go back to normal because they can still spread the virus. Why bother then? They’ve already told us we can feel miserable from the vaccine. Now they tell us we could get a rare blood clot. On top of it all, the message is the vaccine isn’t going to stop the virus even though it is.

This is just such terrible medicine. Fauci is technically right and practically wrong. In lab settings, yes, people can still get mild cases of the virus and transmit it. In the real world, however, the vaccine is showing itself to be highly effective with very few people actually getting COVID.

Fauci, at this point, is his own worst enemy, and the fact the federal government cannot understand this is part of why vaccinations rates are problematic. The message should 100% be that you should get the vaccine, wait two weeks, then go live your life. The vaccinated should be actively discouraged from wearing masks, etc. Again, if they get the virus, it will mild. We know this. Fauci knows this. His lab and our world are not the same thing.

Not Acceptable Media Conduct

Jason Nguyen is a reporter for ABC in Utah. Someone hacked the donations made to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal fund. Rittenhouse is the young man who killed someone in Wisconsin during the riots.

Out in Utah, a paramedic made a $10 donation to the Rittenhouse legal fund. Based on the hacked data, Jason Nguyen decided to show up at the donor’s home with a camera in tow to harass him in the name of “reporting.”

If reporters keep harassing people for donations to causes, they are going to spark a wave of violence in this country against them. It will be unfortunate, but it is entirely predictable. Reporters should not be harassing any private citizen for a donation, much less a $10 donation.

You may not agree with the cause, but if you can’t see it is the right of a private citizen to donate to a cause they believe in without harassment, you’re not only wired differently from me, but you are part of the problem.

That nutter in Florida who wanted to track down reporters perceived as ant-Trump in order to harm them and their families is going to be the beginning of something, not an anomaly.

The Media Builds a Moral Case for a Gun Grab

As Democrats amp up their talking points on gun control, we get a graphic from CNN and a new talking point from the left.

How is this a Republican problem? How many of those are Republican run cities? It seems this is a failure of Democrat policies at the local level. In fact, Atlanta is a great example of this.

In the past year, the mayor of Atlanta and a local District Attorney up for re-election began firing, arresting, and charging police officers who were doing their jobs. The bulk of the police force gave up policing and it sparked a crime way. Gang violence, burglary, etc. are on the rise.

It is the direct result of local politicians employing leftwing policies in metropolitan areas. This is not a Republican gun violence problem. It is a Democrat sparked crime wave we’re looking at.

To be sure, there are tragic and unfortunate shootings that happen. The most recent, at the FedEx, was by a young man where red flag laws already in place stopped him. But what we are seeing here is the media conflating various gun violence situations into mass shootings to build a moral case for gun control.

When the GOP is in charge of Washington, there are ample stories about homelessness, an issue that goes away when Democrats take over. When Democrats run Washington, the media amplifies gun violence stories to try to help the Democrats pass a gun control agenda. To believe the coverage as presented by the media is to believe mass shootings recede when Republicans are in the White House.

There is no difference between the media’s exaggerated coverage of gun violence and its fabricated coverage of the Georgia election reform legislation. In both cases, we witness partisan press operations trying to help the Democrats.