For Georgia Voters

Those of you nationally will have to forgive me. I know a great and vast array of people who read this actually live here in Georgia, where I am. Tons of them are emailing about the three issues we will have at the end of our ballot and the Senate special election. So I am putting these things here.

Collins v. Loeffler

I believe Governor Kemp had the right to pick someone to fill Johnny Isakson’s seat. He chose Kelly Loeffler. She has voted exactly as every conservative would want. I see no reason to fire her or reject Brian Kemp’s choice, so I will vote for her despite my affection for Doug Collins. If, in two years, Loeffler has proven she is not who she claims, I’ll do what I can to get Doug Collins to run again.

Between the two, I think Collins has run a better campaign. His ads are better and Loeffler’s are beclowning. I think her campaign team did a disservice trying so hard to align her to President Trump that she is not defined by her own acumen, intelligence, and story. I understand it is hard to do that, but Loeffler does not come across as authentically as Collins does.

Notwithstanding that, I said I’d vote for Loeffler, she’s been fine as our Senator, and I trust Brian Kemp so I will vote for Loeffler.


Amendment 1

In Georgia, local governments and the state are not allowed to have separate segregated funds from the general fund. When you buy new tires, you have to pay a tire recycling fee, but that fee just goes into a general fund. Your local and state budgeteers must be trusted to use the money for what they claim.

The first amendment to be considered on the Georgia ballot will allow local and state budgeteers to create the separately segregated accounts they have desired and people assume they already have.

I will vote yes.

Amendment 2

Until 2017, Georgians routinely sued the state in state court if the plaintiff thought Georgia had behaved unconstitutionally. In 2017, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that Georgia had not waived sovereign immunity and citizens could not sue the state to prevent unconstitutional actions.

This has not deterred anyone. Now, Georgians just rush to federal courts to stop the state and federal judges interpret Georgia law instead of Georgia courts doing so.

Second amendment supporters should absolutely support this. If Georgia ever does drift back to the Democrats, you’re going to want to stop the state from curtailing your gun rights under Georgia law. I will absolutely vote yes on this and would note that this amendment passed both houses of the Georgia General Assembly unanimously.

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Referendum 1

Georgia has a unique quirk among the states and voters are being asked by the legislature to approve a change in tax law that would fix the quirk.

In Georgia, if a non-profit is fixing up a house to donate or sell to a qualified family, the non-profit has to pay taxes on the house. The result is that it is costlier for non-profits in Georgia to help renovated dilapidated housing and create new homeowners.

This referendum would stop charities in Georgia from paying these property taxes provided, however, that they do not make a profit off the sale of the home to the qualified family. I am voting yes on this and think it is a good idea.