How to Stop Vigilantes 101


There are no notes beyond Hour 1 because it thereafter became about the Rittenhouse trial. I said I wouldn’t send out any more of these, but I lied. Sorry. I wasn’t going to, but I want to send this because it will save me from additional writings.

I want to make a very basic point. I’ll put it in big letters.

If you are concerned about the rise of vigilantism, stop rioting. Stop burning down buildings claiming it is not violence. Stop defunding the police. Stop ordering the police to stand down and not enforce the law against rioters. You want to stop vigilantes, allow and encourage the police to do their jobs instead of pressuring them to stand down and let rioters destroy the livelihoods of law-abiding citizens.

If you think Rittenhouse is guilty, you should consume other media. You should not discredit the American system of justice because twelve impartial jurors who reviewed all the evidence arrived at a different conclusion. Above all else, you should not do this:

How arrogant a man to have not sat in the jury’s box, not observed the trial as they did, not deliberated for over twenty-four hours spread over multiple days, then decided the jury turned justice to poison. That is a theologian who now uses the word of God to claim a jury he did not serve on that spent first-hand time with the evidence of which he at best got a second-hand accounting rendered poison because he made up his mind based on how other people described the case to him.

Now, the show notes. Please listen to hour one if nothing else.

The Elite Hate Parents

Hour 1  12pm to 1pm

  1. The fight over critical theory

    1. They hate the parents

    2. The framework for education

    3. Not grounded in data

    4. Provoking parental backlash

    5. Voters are responding

    6. Austin parents arrested

  2. Rittenhouse update

  3. The Bison helmeted jackass

    1. 41 months in prison

    2. Riots v. Washington

      1. What happened to the Antifa mythology?

      2. The justice discrepancy

    3. Progressives are bad at this

      1. Prompting a voter backlash

      2. Conservatives shouldn’t be pissed off given that

    4. Failures of the system

      1. Should be hesitant to give government more power

      2. Long term plays being guided by short term thinking

  4. The Chinese tennis player

    1. Google de-monetizes talking about it