I Stand By My Tweet

Caitlyn Jenner is a man. Caitlyn Jenner did not run as an Olympian, Bruce Jenner did. He ran, set records, won awards, and only late in life decided he was a she. But he is not, even as he has altered his appearance, changed his name, and the world has retconned Caitlyn into Bruce’s life as the first woman to win all sorts of Olympic prizes in men’s events.

Elliot Page is a woman. Elliot did not appear in the movie Juno. Ellen did. Elliot did not play a pregnant teen. Ellen did. The world has retconned Elliot into the movie as if Elliot always was, but though Ellen Page has legally changed her name to a masculine name, Elliot is still a female.

Likewise, Laurel Hubbard remains a man.

While there are exceptions to the rule, postmodernity’s habit of making the exceptions the rule and the rule the exception, the rule for biological sex is based on chromosomes. Though some have additional chromosomes and are considered intersex, a female has an XX pair of chromosomes and a male has an XY pair. Even though some have XXXY or XYXX, the first pairing is determinative to biological sex.

Some species of fish or gastropod can naturally change sex, humans are a species within the class of animal known as mammals. Mammals do not change their sex. Within the family of Homonids that humans inhabit with apes, there are males and females at natural birth who are, outside of genetic abnormalities, visibly male or female. It is a uniquely human psychosis to think that we, a subset of mammals can do what mammals cannot. If we are capable, then the biological order needs to classify mankind into some new class of animal.

Except there is no need because human beings are incapable of changing their sex. However, for some time the transgender community has sought to bully people into acceptance of their psychosis. Anyone who speaks the truth is punished.

Major corporations, who want to protect themselves from controversy, have embraced the psychosis and are the agents of censorship for the transgender community.

In theistic creation, mankind is created by God and He made them male and female. In Darwinian evolution, through a process of natural selection, the fittest survive. In neither theistic creation or Darwinian evolution can a human being change sex because the survival and perpetuation of the species require that a woman get pregnant.

If climate change is settled science, biological sex is even more settled. Less than five years ago, the transgender movement argued that sex was biologically determined, but gender was socially constructed. Now, rapidly moving the goalposts, sex is also now claimed to be a social construct.

Twitter may not like that I called Laurel Hubbard a man, but Hubbard is a man even if he has decided otherwise. None of us should indulge in a lie for the sake of someone’s self-esteem. That is not healthy for society.

Thus we arrive at Twitter suspending Allie Beth Stuckey’s and my accounts for daring to point out Hubbard is a man.

While leftwing progressives accuse Trump, Trump supporters, Tucker Carlson, and anyone they dislike of authoritarianism, fascism, totalitarianism, and a host of other -isms, it is quintessential totalitarianism to silence and disappear the views of those unacceptable to the rulers.

In China, one cannot find out the truth of Tiananmen Square nor can one find a picture of the tank man. In the Soviet Union, Stalin famously erased Nikolai Yezhov from a photograph when Yezhov fell from power. In Italy, Mussolini’s fascists not only silenced dissent but used corporations as a hand of their power to direct policy and deprive dissents of jobs and access to forums in which they could publicly dissent. Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and so many of history’s despots have not just censored but used the private sector to advance their punishment of dissent.

The transgender movement, through American media and corporations, is now bullying, censoring, silencing, and punishing anyone who stands up for basic truth and settled science.

Twitter may choose to disable my account altogether. But neither Twitter nor the transgender movement can actually silence basic biology. There is a madness burning through our society right now. Woke-o Haram, like other terrorists, use fear and violence to get their way. They’ll eventually lose. But there will be social damage along the way. Americans and Europeans — transgenderism almost uniquely affects late-stage Western European and American societies — will have to decide just how much damage they are willing to endure until the psychosis ends.

Laurel Hubbard remains a man.