I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So.

The press has turned against the very press briefings they have been demanding right as polling suggests the President's approval rating is increasing.

Here’s me from this morning at 6 am.

I suspect we are about to see very loud calls for the White House press briefings to be canceled. Why? Because the President’s approval rating is going up.

We have witnessed the press, for several years, demand briefings from the White House. They are now getting them every day. The President’s approval has gone up correspondingly. Therefore, I can conclude we will start to see screams about the briefings. We’ll hear that it is impossible for Fauci and Birx to work if they’re always on TV. We’ll hear that the President is lying and harming the public. Heck, look at reporters trying to tie him to idiots taking fish tank cleaner because it contains chloroquine phosphate. 

The press is going to now oppose what they’ve long demanded because these briefings are helping the President.

Now, behold:

This is all so predictable. The press, for two years, demanded press briefings. Now, as a viral pandemic spreads across the globe, they are getting what they wanted and hate it.

The media was perfectly fine with the President of the United States holding these White House briefings for two weeks. Literally the only thing that has changed now is the President’s job approval rating. For two weeks, the media was fine with the President’s statements, misstatements, and performance. They presumed it would hurt him. They cheered on and highlighted the worst parts of the press briefings.

But the President’s job approval rating has gone up according to Gallup, ABC, and CBS News. Three polls is a trend for the press and it is too much for the press to handle now.

So they will, very predictably, stop covering the press briefing. Again, it has nothing to do with the facts, the truth, or anything that might be wrong, counterfactual, or misleading. It has everything to do with these press briefings making the President look presidential.