I Told You So

Here’s what I wrote last month:

I have a lot of people yelling at me for refusing to accept the election was stolen. Frankly, I don’t even think the Trump team really believes it. His lawyers sure as hell don’t or they wouldn’t have screwed up so may cases with late filings, missing paperwork, missing fees, and erroneous affidavits. I know of a call wherein they told some folks I am very familiar with that they really were just going to scream and holler and refuse to concede. It is all payback for 2016. They’ve lost about 50 lawsuits and in their latest, in state court in Georgia, they forgot to pay the court filing fees and fill out the right paperwork. That got their lawsuit thrown out.

That’s not even considering the batshit crazy lawsuit from Sidney Powell and her insane claims. I’m sorry some people take that stuff seriously. I’m sorry some people really believe Ware County, Georgia had machines seized. I’m sorry there are up and coming grifters on the right who don’t really believe it but get clicks, followers, and money by convincing you that they do. I’m sorry some people will take at face value the claims of some without thinking through or seeking rebuttal.…

In 2017, Democrats started telling people the GOP would kill people with their healthcare legislation and worse. That rhetoric inspired James Hodgkinson to attempt a mass assassination of Republican members of Congress.

When the President and various prominent Republicans are out telling people the election is stolen, various people are committing treason, and the people need to rise up — some crazy MF’er is going to do it eventually.

Too many people on the right are playing with fire. Most of them don’t even believe it, but they’re trying to cultivate an audience, drive traffic to websites, and compete with Fox. If and when somebody gets hurt or killed, they’ll no more accept blame than the Democrats did after Hodgkinson.

When national talk radio hosts, TV hosts, pundits, politicians, state party chairs, etc. are all expounding on conspiracy theories of stolen elections and giving legitimacy to crazy, the President’s voters don’t show up at the ballot box, they show up to storm the Capitol.

This is madness and shameful.

Shoot the protestors storming the Capitol. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley need to stop the clown show on the floor of the Senate. It is time to accept reality.