It's Not Good in Georgia for the GOP

Well, I may be flat out wrong with how I’ve read all the data, but wrong for the wrong reason.

What we are seeing in Georgia right now is that the GOP voters are not showing up and the Democrat voters are. The GOP reliably got over 50% of the vote in the combined legislative races for congress, state house, and state senate in November. Those voters are not showing up.

Over three-quarters of Republicans who voted said they think the November election was stolen. The President’s campaign actually went on the air in Georgia in the last few days to tell Republicans that November was stolen. The Georgia Republican Party Chairman has been all over TV and the internet telling voters the November election was stolen.

Turns out Republican voters took it all seriously, which I could not conceive would be so. And yet…

It is 9pm and the GOP can still win. But if they win, it will be far, far closer than it should be and frankly, at 9pm, it just looks bad for them.

Democrats are turning up close to their November numbers.

Republicans are turning up way less than November.

The Republican leaders, from the party to the president, have convinced their base there is no point in voting and the voters have believed it.

It is simply amazing.

Again, though, it is 9pm and North Georgia Republicans can pull it out for the GOP. It just is looking less likely at this point.