Let Me Get This Straight

The very people who assured us Steve Scully’s account had been hacked also assure us the New York Post is pushing Russian disinformation by releasing Hunter Biden’s hard drive content.

Which Russian actor played Hunter in the crack-smoking video? Anybody? Hello?

This is nuts.

C-SPAN’s political editor, Steve Scully, has been indefinitely suspended after admitting he lied. That innocuous tweet to Anthony Scaramucci asking whether he should respond to Trump turned not not to be a hack. It was Scully himself tweeting. Many, many people pointed out how it was very unlikely to have been a hack, but the blue-checkmark brigade on Twitter said to trust them. Of course, it was a hack. They could vouch for Scully.

Scully, it turns out, was once an intern for Joe Biden and an employee of Ted Kennedy. The very same people who said to trust them on the hacking said to trust them on Scully’s ability to be unbiased and fair. The nonpartisan Presidential Debate Commission needs to fire itself and start over. The mandarins of establishmentarian mendacity should probably rethink the damage they themselves are doing to institutional trust.

These very same people also want us to trust them that the Hunter Biden story in the New York Post is an example of Russian disinformation and not a legitimate news story.

To be clear, it could be. I have no idea. But the flat out rejection of the story immediately by members of the media because it is a major story negative towards Biden is ridiculous. The very same people telling us to ignore this are the people who told us to trust Scully. Everything they don’t like now is Russian disinformation. We should expect hundreds of reporters from here on out to get bowel disease because colonoscopies will soon be considered Russian disinformation just because these reporters hate them. Actually, now that I think about it, a few of them probably enjoy the experience.

They have not earned the right for us to blanketly trust them. If anything, the American press corps has shown itself willing to destroy its own reputation to defend Joe Biden. That the reporters who scream about the needs of a free press are cheering on a major tech company blocking even the transmission and sharing of a story damaging to Joe Biden should horrify every American.

We should also note just how frequently members of the mainstream media transition in and out of Democratic organizations. Jay Carney, a reporter for Time, became White House press secretary. Shailaigh Murray worked for the Washington Post before going to work for Joe Biden. Her husband, Neil King, worked for the Wall Street Journal before transitioning to the home of the Steele Dossier, Fusion GPS.

Linda Douglass of ABC News went to work as chief apologist for Obamacare for the Obama Administration, going so far as to pilot a program encouraging people to report “lies” about the program to the White House. Jill Zuckman of the Chicago Tribune headed to the Department of Transportation. Douglas Frantz and Stephen Barr of the Washington Post both went into the Obama Administration. Jonathan Allen of Politico went to work for Debbie Wasserman Schultz then back to the Politico and then to NBC News.

The list goes on. The members of the media who have similarly transitioned into the Bush or Trump Administration is insignificant. And let’s not forget the reverse too. Jim Scuitto, a CNN anchor, worked in the Obama Administration. Valarie Jarrett’s daughter now has an anchor seat at CNN — displacing an accomplished white guy, no less, for girl power or some such. The most famous remains George Stephanopoulos, who interviewed Joe Biden last night and worked for Bill Clinton.

At this point, it seems we are in a cycle of the media polishing the resumes for Joe Biden’s Administration and doing their best to hump his leg as a demonstration of their loyalty. They circle the wagons around their own, cheer on the tech overlords blocking anything that could help Joe Biden, and then insist we just trust them.

The media, not Trump, is doing their absolute best to undermine their credibility and the First Amendment.

But Fox!