Open Minded Madness

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I find it fascinating that we are upending society for less than five-tenths of one percent of society. We can no longer say "mother" or "pregnant woman." We must say "birthing person" because the left wants us to believe that men can get pregnant. Yet, somehow the people who are fine with the status quo are the culture warriors and are the people who want to advance it. Again, this is all goes back to changing the language. Now, you're a cultural warrior if you're for the status quo, and you're for the status quo if you want to change it. Changing the meaning of words is critical theory 101.

There's something else going on that is amazing to me. There are a vast array of people on the left who say that those who support Donald Trump are somehow thoughtless automatons. They say if you're a Christian, you need some powerful white dude in a pulpit to tell you what to think and you can't think for yourself.

This is what happens when you are so open-minded, you actually become closed-minded. What we're seeing today in society are a bunch of people whose minds are so open that their brains have literally fallen out. You can be so open-minded that you no longer have a brain. How easy it is to get the brainless herd of wokes to go along with something. The ability for these people to intellectually turn on a dime with the latest trend, I mean, it's like watching the fashionistas come out with some terrible trend. Remember the unisex men's underwear in the news a couple of weeks ago, or men wearing essentially bikinis or whatnot to the beach? They try all of the trends because they are open to anything.

In the last week, multiple publications have all done stories on how we should be eating insects. You know damn well not a single person who wrote those pieces are out there regularly eating insects, but somehow they want you and me to think it's socially acceptable.

These people push at the margins of society with batpoop crazy ideas and it's the open-minded automatons on the left who actually consider having a cockroach for a snack. “That'll be healthy and ethical protein." Yesterday they woke up talking about pregnant mothers, and their leaders woke up today and changed the language to “birthing person”. These people on the left are your mind-numbed automatons. These are the people easily controlled and manipulated.

Do you hear how easily they fall into groupthink? They condemn you for wanting to go with your candidate of choice. They condemn you for being thoughtless and not open-minded like them, and yet their minds are so open their brain fell out.

And any idea from the left that is absurd, counter-intuitive, and anti-science can be thrown at the automatons and they accept. "It's ‘birthing people' now." It's "We don't want to defund the police. We just want to take their budget and give it to other people, but that's not defunding the police." "Why, yes, men can have children. Yes, men could give birth. Men can lactate naturally." None of it makes sense. But what we're finding now is that the dumbest, most shallow people tend to be the cultural elite these days who believe the craziest things.

GK Chesterton, the philosopher, had a great saying that "the danger of not believing in God is not that you'll believe in nothing but that you'll believe in everything." What we are seeing are the secular elite in this country will believe everything other than reality and their goal is to change reality by changing the language. Words that were acceptable just a week ago are no longer acceptable. Words that weren't acceptable now are. The definitions of words have to be changed. This is all part of this progressive effort to change society.

We see this on television. It's part of what they're doing. You've got MSNBC anchors out today saying that if businesses can't attract people from the unemployment line, maybe they need to pay them more. Why should the government be able to shape private sector policy through backdoor policies, driving up their costs? It's angering to me. It frustrates me to see people so willfully ready to change thousands of years of settled science, vocabulary, and biology only to claim that you're the bigot if you disagree.

No, they are idiots. You people have completely convoluted language to avoid offending of maybe five-tenths of one percent of the country. And then you tell me, "Well, it's not affecting you. Why are you so upset by it?" Because I'll lose my job if I disagree in some settings. I can't go on Twitter and call Caitlyn Jenner “Bruce”, without them turning off my account. And if you call him a him, God help you. "Well, it's not affecting you." Yeah, baloney.

They told us gay marriage if it was legalized, would not affect anyone in society that did not want a gay marriage. You heard the lie: "If you don't want a gay marriage, don't have one." And now they're shutting down people's businesses that don't want to bake a cake because of their well-settled, sincerely held religious beliefs.

This applies to all of us. You'll get driven out of your job. You’ll be forced to go to diversity and equity training, where they tell you this batpoop crazy stuff is normal and that you're the crazy person for being normal. You’ve got to continue to stand up to it. This is a phenomenon of guilty white people who need Jesus and their lapdogs in the press and elsewhere. It is secular white people who don't believe in God, so they'll believe anything, and they're trying to impose their insanity on the rest of us. They've got the Biden administration fully on board and embracing their insanity.

My wife and I were talking the other day. We follow someone on social media who is struggling with the “birthing person” language or finding language to try to get around the fact that only women can have babies because now there are women who identify as men who still want to get pregnant. So how do you do this?

Well, you do this by embracing the fact that only women can get pregnant. But if you do that, you expose that transgenderism is a mental health issue, which is not allowed. We're supposed to treat it as normal. You get in trouble, even on radio, these days for pointing out it's a mental health issue.

What's a mental health issue is the willingness of people who want to avoid offending crazy people so bad that they change thousands of years of settled language just to avoid offending a group of people who are angry and have some mental issues.

Now social media giants will censor you. They will punish you for daring to point it out. This is all emperor-has-no-clothes territory that our country is in and remember, the hero of the story is the kid who said the emperor had no clothes.

It's worth pointing out to these people that women are the only ones who can get pregnant. There's no reason to say "birthing person" because only women can get pregnant. There's no reason to embrace the agenda of the batpoop crazy wokes out there because eventually, it will burn itself out of society.

This is all uniquely a phenomenon of secularized Western society. This is not going on anywhere in the world, except in the largely English-speaking Western white world, where God has faded and secularism is on the rise. That should tell you everything you need to know.