Quid est veritas?

Update: Don’t believe me, here’s the actual explanation of what’s going on by the Secretary of State’s office, the monitor who was present, etc.

Let’s discuss the video.

I know I won’t change your mind. I don’t care about that. I care about the truth. What is truth? It is not what you think, but what is.

What you see in that video is Fulton County election workers arranging, sorting, and verifying ballots.

It is what they did before and after people left.

They were not unsupervised. The person in the blue shirt is a monitor from the Republican Secretary of State’s office.

What happened is at 10pm, the Fulton County Board of Elections announced they were sending most everyone home. The Republicans decided that meant everyone was leaving, but that is not what was said. The Fulton County Board of Elections and the Secretary of State both attest that it was made clear they were sending most people home, not everyone home.

The Secretary of State’s monitor stayed to observe.

Nothing nefarious was seen.

The monitor left to grab a drink and the GOP has selectively cut the video to make it look like the monitor left completely. He did not. The Secretary of State, the monitor, and the people there all confirm he was gone for only a few minutes. The Republican board member for the Fulton County Board of Elections also confirms this.

There was nothing illegal or abnormal.

But most people won’t care. They’ll believe what they want to believe, not the truth. Because as Republican voters blast the Democrats and left for saying things like “their truth” and “my truth” instead of “the truth,” Republicans are doing the same. Facts don’t matter, only feelings.

In the meantime, the Republicans are losing the Senate to the Democrats, who will annihilate President Trump’s legacy. But who cares about that, when we can accept at face value the opinions of people who were not present at a process and ignore the statements of those who were. The people most prone to blurting out “f**k your feelings,” have gotten so emotional, they are being manipulated and lied to and will not throw away a Senate majority.

By the way, the Georgia GOP could have examined the absentee ballot electors before election day; they could have fought to observe the signature verification process; and they could have demanded to stay and observe that night, but they didn’t. So part of the narrative here that you must understand is that the Georgia GOP did not do the things it could have done to make sure there were no shenanigans and now is obfuscating and misdirecting blame.

But it does not really matter because while there is always fraud and screwup in an election, this video does not show any and there’s not enough to matter anyway.