Seriously, Applaud the Democrats Tonight

They are pushing back against the radical progressivism of Bernie Sanders and the Bernie Bros. That's a good thing for the country.

I know. I know. Bernie Sanders really would be an easier candidate for President Trump to campaign against in November. Sanders is so far left with a history of burning bridges that President Trump and the GOP could easily and deservedly vilify him.

But tonight, across the country, it looks like Democrats are mostly rejecting Sanders. In states Sanders is winning, Biden is close. In states like Virginia where Sanders had been ahead in polling recently, Biden decisively crushed him. Sanders will still get some significant wins tonight, including California. But tonight is already showing that thanks to proportional delegate awards, Joe Biden is now on pace to pass Sanders by the end of the month. That will ensure his nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

That is a good thing for the country. Super Tuesday was formalized by southern Democrats in 1980 to stop the advance of Ted Kennedy against Jimmy Carter and Democrats have used it ever since to blunt the momentum of the far left in their party. They are doing it again this year.

While the Democratic Party continues to drift left towards an eventual crack up of secular rich white voters against black and Hispanic voters, enough of their voters overall rejected a radical candidate. That is a good thing for the country. It is a recognition that the far-left socialist policies of Sanders and Warren are being rejected by minority voters within the Democratic Party. It is a recognition of the fact that a full government takeover of health care and other parts of the private sector are nonstarters. It is a recognition that Medicare for All will go nowhere. It is a recognition that the Bernie Bros are marginalized.

The nation needs two mostly-sane political parties. While the Democrats will never acknowledge the GOP is sane under Trump, those of us who know better know it is and should be thankful the Democrats appear to be rejecting their insane fringe.

That makes November a more difficult fight for the President. But at least it ensures, even if by accident, the country is spared a radical communist as a major party leader.

As a bonus, this will undoubtedly exacerbate the divisions within the Democratic Party between the radical left and the establishment Democrats.

Lastly, if you cannot bring yourselves to applaud Democrats for rejecting a radical communist as their presidential nominee, at least applaud them for finally rejecting the unending and painful smugness of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign.