Some Things Some of You Need to Hear

Today, Donald Trump will leave the White House and become a former president.

At noon today, Joe Biden will become President of the United States.

In becoming the President, Joe Biden will be your President and my President.

Scripture says to pray for our leaders so we must pray for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Over the last several years, great harm has been done to the truth by President Trump, but also by a media that made everything about him and by partisans on both sides. It is not a one way street. It is the collapse of post-modern America into tribalism where all sides are more interested in narratives than facts or truth.

That collapse of truth has allowed conspiracists to fester and created a dangerous time for the church as both pastor and congregants leave the truth of Christ for the lies of the world. Gnosticism is on the rise wherein people believe if you read certain websites or listen to certain voices, you can get an insight into the world and a deeper knowledge of its surrounding than others. This is where Q comes from — a gnostic heresy whose adherents believe they have the inside scoop or a deeper knowledge. Churches need to focus on the Word and the gospel, not politics. Pastors who think Donald Trump will be President after tomorrow need to repent and probably need to leave their pulpits. Congregants who think this need to repent and leave politics and the news and spend time in the Word.

Above all else, God is sovereign. He has a plan. While we in our temporal schemes voted for or against the incoming President, God infinite, eternal, and above all plotted the timeline in his sovereign will and the future still points to Christ.

Those of you who are nervous, fretful, and fearful of what the future holds need to rely on scripture. Do not worry about tomorrow and remember that all things work for the good of those called according to God’s purposes. No person comes to power except through God’s sovereign will. Therefore, you can trust that Joe Biden’s inauguration is part of God’s will and God’s plan for your good.

We may not always understand these things and we may sometimes think it looks like evil is prevailing, but God is not mocked and He cannot be beaten. God is good all the time and He will prevail. We can trust in God.

God is smashing idols. Christians angry or fretful at today’s events need to understand the anguish comes deep and is, at its source, the spiritual pain of losing one’s idols. But ultimately this pulls us back to Christ.

Christ will conquer and character will matter. Your job is to glorify God in all you do and seek the welfare of the community in which you live and pray for it. You’ll find your welfare there, not in politicians or in Washington.

God bless President Trump and God bless President Biden and God bless all of you.