The Bloomberg Sin

Repent for the money is near

For the last thirty years in American politics, Democrats have become increasingly vocal about two things: the income gap and the need to get money out of politics. Billionaires are bad. Multi-millionaires are bad too, but only if they make more money than the maximum wealth of the richest Democrat running for President. Everyone above that needs to be taxed.

Concurrent with this phenomenon is the increasing shift of Democrats from sectarian to secular worship. There is no such thing as an atheist. Everyone worships something. As Calvin noted, our hearts are perpetual factories of idols. Democrats have abandoned the actual Jesus in favor of the caricature of Jesus. The Jesus who says we are all sinners is out. The Jesus who chases Republicans out of the temple is in. It is an entirely secular endeavor.

There is still religious rite. Now, instead of church, it is assembly for advocacy. There are still sacraments. Now, instead of baptism and communion, it is abortion and marching. There is still sin. Now, instead of Biblical sin, it is rejection of progressivism.

Bloomberg is part of the sinful side of humanity. The private jet flying billionaire has a massive income, uses his money to gain influence, and is trying to buy an election. This is all sin to Democrats.

But Democrats also hate Donald Trump and, being moral relativists, they’ll set aside their contempt for one sin in order to deal with the sinfulness of Donald Trump. Trump’s sins, interestingly enough, all center on him as a Republican. Democrats are fine with men who cheat on their wives and do the things Donald Trump does and tweet the things Donald Trump tweets. They just don’t like it when done with an R next his name. Were Trump still a Democrat doing what he is doing, the Democrats would gladly take his money, take pictures with him, and let him help them. See e.g. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Harvey Weinstein, etc.

What will happen is highly predictable based on the Democrats’ pattern of behavior and embrace of the secular as a form of religion. They will take Mike Bloomberg’s money. They will quiet down on income inequality and money in politics. Then, when he loses in 2020 or, should he get elected, once he is out of office, they will repent. They will move quickly to raise taxes. They will move quickly for publicly funded elections. They will pretend they never supported a billionaire and the press will aid and abet their quick historic revisions.

The money changers are fine in the temple so long as they vote the right way and their money is acceptable to change society, so long as it can be changed in the right way. Once the dynamics change, repent.