The Democrats Claim Elections Are Stolen

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When I was a kid, I loved Greek mythology. I still have some of the books I had as a kid. I don't know why I was fascinated by that. I grew up in Dubai in the 1980s, went to Greece in ninth grade, and had a teacher who really made me love Greek mythology. I mean all the different stories, Apollo and Artemis. My favorite is Athena. When we lived over there we went to Sparta, Mycenae, and other places. Greece is a beautiful country of wonderful people. I love Greece.

Several friends of mine have gone there for vacation and loved it. It's just a wonderful place. If you ever get the chance to go to Greece, go.

One of the things about Greek mythology is how the mythology changed over time. The stories evolved over time of who did what, who was sleeping with whom, who was a product of Zeus and a mistress and who wasn't. All of these stories over time changed, but all of the stories had a similar purpose. These stories existed to explain the way the world worked. So for example, the Narcissus flower that grows along riverbanks in Greece, well there was a guy named Narcissus, he was a narcissist. It's where we get the word from and he loved to look at himself and he stared in the river so long that the river gods turned him into the Narcissus so he could stay by the riverbank and look at himself all the time.

Why does the sun move across the sky? It is Apollo, Helios driving his chariot across the sky. As the Romans took over, the mythology changed. Different stories came about, but it was always to explain in some way the world worked.

A lot of you will say, "Well isn't this just what religion is?" Well, they're kernels of truth in religion that we can see in the mythologies. What I find interesting about the Judeo-Christian record is that the Genesis creation account is uniquely countercultural. The view of the way the universe was created, the cosmogony differs from every organized religion on planet Earth and in fact, disagreed with every organized religion on planet Earth until Christianity became mainstream in the 300s AD with the Roman Empire and Constantine. Every single other religion out there at the time was polytheistic. There were a handful of monotheistic religions that never really took off, but here comes the Judeo-Christian religion and not only does it say there is one God, but that these things in the sky, the stars, the moon, and the sun, they're just objects.

I mean whether you believe it or not, you must understand that this is something that deviated from everything that existed on the planet. Now we know archeologically, even the civilizations that were set up in the western hemisphere were nothing like the Judeo-Christian religion. It's completely unique for Moses in Genesis 1 to claim the sun and the moon are just objects in the sky and are not divine. Whether you believe it was divinely inspired or not, it was a unique insight that came about more than 2000 years ago at a time where literally every civilization on the planet treated those objects in the sky as if they were divine beings. That is a profound insight I don't think people in our day and age appreciate.

Believe it or not, this is not a topic of religion here. I bring all of this up because human beings to this day, thousands of years after Zeus and Apollo and Hades and Poseidon and Athena and Hera and Demeter have all faded away, humans to this day believe mythologies. Mythologies, sometimes we call them conspiracy theories, but mythologies help us explain the world around us and as people dive into cults of personality, those mythologies sometimes are what then elevate, build, and amplify the cults of personality.

I’ve got to go there but just bear with me here. Give me one minute to make my case. The stolen election... I'm not talking about that stolen election. I am not talking about 2020 in the stolen election. Here's Stacey Abrams from just the other day.

Stacey Abrams:
I come from a state where I was not entitled to become the governor, but as an American citizen and a citizen of Georgia, I'm going to fight for every person who has the right to vote to be able to cast that vote.

Stacey Abrams says she was not entitled to become the governor of Georgia. Stacey Abrams has, long before Donald Trump ... Stacey Abrams peddled “the big lie”, as the media likes to call it. Stacey Abrams peddled the lie, a lie that the 2018 election was stolen from her. She was not entitled to become governor. You know what? I wasn't entitled to become governor either. I'm sorry. Apparently, this is fairly common. The Democrats and the media have allowed Stacey Abrams to peddle a mythology to explain to them the way the world works, that Republicans stole the election. She said that ironically campaigning for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. Terry McAuliffe himself still to this day claims that the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. In fact, when confronted, Terry McAuliffe in the last few weeks has continued to deny that they were legitimate elections, just that we have to move on from those elections, but he doesn't believe they were legitimate elections. He still believes that these elections were stolen from the Democrats.

This is Democratic mythology that is pervasive. When the Democrats lose, it is because Republicans stole the election. What is so ironic about this is here comes Donald Trump in 2020 and he doubles down claiming the election was stolen. The Democrats, mainstream media, and major companies are like, "You can't say that. That's the big lie," equating it to Nazism and Hitler.

The Democrats themselves constantly deny that elections are fair unless they win. Democrats themselves have built a mythology. Here’s the thing, Democrats don't like the Republicans taking their mythology and co-opting it. That's the problem here. It's like a non-Christian taking Christianity and co-opting it for themselves. It really makes the Christians mad. The Republicans have taken the Democrats' mythology from them and co-opted it for themselves and the Democrats are livid about it and they're trying to grab hold of it.

Jason Johnson is a Democrat political commentator. He is on MSNBC with Nicole Wallace yesterday. Listen to this.

Nicole Wallace:
What do you think happens, Jason? You think they take the wrong lessons from the possibility that they have some success? They seem to be good at that as well.

Jason Johnson:
Well Nicole, I think they've taken the right lessons and the right lessons are you can rally people around a lie based on white supremacy and sexism and nationalism and homophobia and everything else like that. A key thing to understand why Republicans are optimistic next year even if they're sort of waving themselves and wrapping themselves in a Trump burrito is they're going to cheat. I mean they're just going to make voting laws throughout the country that guarantee that they're going to win. There are very few states right now, Nicole, where there is a very good active organizing Republican Party. Republican Party in Georgia is in shambles because they haven't had to work in so long. They just figure that they're going to pass legislation and make it harder for Democrats to vote. Republican Party isn't really ready to run a campaign outside of the Midwest. They just figure, "If we can pass enough voter suppression, wrap ourselves in Trump, and intimidate the other side, we can win in 2022."

There's your mythology. They're already setting themselves up. They know what's coming next year. By the way, notice how he says the Republican Party has problems in Georgia. The Republican Party in Georgia has a lot of problems, but the Republicans in Georgia are far more organized than people who watch MSNBC would be led to believe. But notice how he said Georgia and then he said Republicans can't win outside the Midwest. Last I checked, the state that I am currently sitting in is not in the Midwest. I live in Georgia. I happen to know far more about what's happening in Georgia than Jason Johnson does, but he's pregaming the election, seeding the mythology. He wants the mythology. They have to have the mythology because they know what's coming next year because it always comes to the party in the White House, in the first midterm elections. They will do poorly.

So they’ve got to build their mythology. Their mythology is, "Well it's the Republicans. They passed a bunch of icky laws and those laws are voter suppression and that's why we're going to lose next year." By the way as an aside, 427,205 Republicans in Georgia did not vote in the runoff. They voted in the general election in 2020 and they didn't go back in the runoff and vote overwhelmingly because they believed it was going to be stolen. If the Democrats do the same thing next year and say, "Why bother? They've already changed the laws. They're going to steal it." The turnout for the Democrats becomes even worse and the bloodbath is even a bigger blow because it's going to be an electoral bloodbath.

They're going to be wiped out at the polls by voters casting votes and they’ve got to sell you on a mythology of why the coming disaster is going to happen. The leaves are falling off the trees because Zeus promised his brother Hades, "Stay in Hades and I will send you the beautiful Persephone," and their sister Demeter, Persephone was her daughter, she became very sad. The time is now coming for Persephone to return to hell. So as Demeter's, the goddess of the harvest, sadness grows, the leaves turn red with rage and then brown in despair and they fall. Then Persephone in the darkness of winter is in hell and the world around us is barren and without leaves because that's how the Greeks explained the seasons. This is not much different from the Democrats explaining their coming electoral losses.