The Media Wants To Tell You A Story, Not The Truth

When they confront facts that are inconvenient to the narrative, they leave those facts out. 

I need you guys to pray. Please pray for the American press corp because they are going to have to come up with creative ways today to explain away the violence in Chicago and Portland. 

For weeks now, national media has claimed the Chicago and Portland protestors were largely peaceful protests that were inspired by the presence of federal troops. Now with the federal authorities gone, even the Mayor or Portland is claiming rioters have burned down a police station and the city needs help.

The situation in Chicago is not much different. Like a scene out of Batman Begins, the entire city raised all of the bridges to keep people away from the riots in the Magnificent Mile section of the city. In the midst of the riots, shots were fired at police who returned fire, striking the assailant but not killing him. This cause more riots while the Mayor of Chicago is blasting people for hanging out on the beach and completely ignoring this.

All of this upends the narrative the media has been feeding people for weeks which leads me to my main critique of the media. The media is so intent on telling you that everything the President says is wrong, that when the President tells you something truthful, the media goes into overdrive to discredit it. 

You had to not believe your lying eyes these past few weeks to not believe there was violence happening in places like Portland. The leftwing agitators there were largely not from Portland but were attacking federal authorities every night for weeks on end.  Now that the federal presence is gone, the riots and violence has escalated. 

For decades in Chicago, the media does its absolute best to ignore violence which predominately happens on the south side.  They can’t pin this on Republicans or the President so it gets swept under the rug. Now that violence has spilled out into the open for the world to see, the media has its work cut out for them today to explain how all of this is somehow peaceful. 

The ties into a larger issue with the media today: The media wants to tell you a story, not tell you the truth. When they confront facts that are inconvenient to the narrative, they leave those facts out. 

Here is the perfect example from CNN over the weekend. 

“Is there any media operation out there to get Donald Trump in the way that right-wing media goes after Joe Biden?” Really? Do these people not watch MSNBC or most of the coverage at CNN or read the NYT or the Washington Post?

A conversation like this can happen on CNN on a show called “Reliable Sources” and completely ignore that there are entire media networks designed to attack President Trump.