There Is A Plan. Trust It.

A lot of QAnon people say there is a plan, stick to the plan, and trust the plan. Well, there is a plan, but it is God’s plan. Scripture says all things work for the good of those called according to His purposes. I am living proof of that.

Today is my tenth anniversary on radio.

I never expected to be on radio. I never had any desire. But back in 2010, I fell into radio by accident. A local host in Middle Georgia got arrested. I was on CNN at the time. The local station needed a fill in. They asked if I’d do it. At the time, I was running RedState, on CNN, and was a city councilman in Macon, GA.

As luck would have it, the President of Cox Media Group happened to hear me on the radio. Herman Cain was running for President, which was not yet public. WSB Radio in Atlanta needed a new host. The guy they intended to use did not work out. Assuming I was a real radio host, they offered me the job.

I didn’t tell them I had no experience until after I signed the contract.

Ten years ago today, in the midst of an ice storm that shut down Atlanta, I debuted on radio. There was no internet and there were no phone lines. The ice had taken them out. So I talked every night from 9pm to midnight. One night I had to sleep on the floor of the office because there was no way to get back to my hotel. For five days, I was stranded in Atlanta unable to make the trip back to Macon because the ice would not melt.

Within a year, I was hosting evening drive time on WSB, one of the largest talk stations in the nation. Now, I do a morning talk radio show that I own completely and still do evening drive on WSB. My morning show just picked up four more stations, putting us almost at 20 stations. I’ve been my own syndicator, affiliate relations, and sales team, but have a dedicated crew who help me. We give the show away for free to stations and deliver it via satellite. It’s been fun learning the business side of things, but it is way more fun to show up, turn on the microphone, and talk.

I never expected this. God has provided and I have thrived when many were convinced I was sabotaging my career through decisions I have made. But the audience has grown and now the platform has grown with both my own syndicated show and my evening show.

God has a plan. I am living proof. I never set out to be where I am, doing what I am doing, but here I am. One day, God could take it all away from me. That does not make Him bad. It just means He will have something different for me.

He has something different now for the country than the last four years. It may not be what you or I want, but He has a purpose and He will never let us down. So don’t trust a plan by a group of people making claims that defy common sense. Trust the man upstairs and His plan.