What's the Data on Other Genders Getting COVID?

Progressives in the press always talk about conservative culture warriors when all conservatives are doing is staying put as progressives keep wanting to expand genders, sexualities, and God knows what else as well as normalizing all sorts of stuff and making deviant all sorts of normal stuff.

We’ve gone from lesbian and gay to lesbian, gay, and bisexual to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and a plus — I have given up and just say “the alphabet gang.” When you add it all up currently, it actually works out to be LGBTQQIP2SAA, i.e. the alphabet gang.

But somehow we’re the culture warriors.

If I must be a culture warrior, let me ask an impolite question — why is there no data on any genders other than males and females getting COVID? Why is that exactly?

“Because they’re using sex, not gender,” you might reply. But even now, sex is also a social construct. It’s no longer that your sex is based on chromosomes and gender is a social construct. That’s why you cannot call Laurel Hubbard a man on Twitter — sex and gender are both social constructs now.

So how many of the other 59+ genders have gotten COVID? Where is the data and if it does not exist, why does it not exist? And if the medical community isn’t willing to play these nonsensical anti-biological games in the real world, why must the rest of us?

Sex and gender are either social constructs or they are not (hint: they are not). That the left gets to flip a switch and have it both ways makes it more exasperating. The very reason they are not marching in the streets to demand the CDC, FDA, and hospitals provide numbers on the non-male and non-female populations getting COVID is because they recognize the absurdity of the whole thing except for when they can use it as a weapon to have someone silenced, punished, fired, or otherwise ruined for wrongthink.

It’s either that or the other 59+ genders have immunity from COVID. Sadly, some will believe the latter.