"Wuhan Virus" is Not Racist

Many of the same people saying so now were using the phrase then

Just stop what you are doing and watch this. Seriously. You need to watch this.

Also, before I go on, can we please give a round of applause to Kellyanne Conway for pointing out the obvious in this whole storyline. A CBS News reporter claims a White House official used the phrase “kung flu” to describe the Wuhan virus and is refusing to name who the official is. But the remark was not on background or off the record to anyone’s knowledge. So why not name the person? Or did the CBS News reporter just want to perpetuate a storyline that has allowed reporters to ignore the fact the President is showing the leadership they have been demanding he show?

What do you call a prostitute who works for free?

In the past couple of years, there have been various reports of reporters having sexual relationships with sources or actually working to advance foreign interests in their reports. I am beginning to believe China has American reporters on its payroll.

It is completely plausible.

Now, it could be a Walter Duranty situation. Duranty famously covered for Stalin while serving as the New York Times’ Moscow Bureau Chief. He just liked the mass murderer and was happy to downplay Stalin’s brutal regime. It took the New York Times 58 years to proclaim Duranty’s reporting “some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper.” (Source)

That could be happening now.

But given how China spreads money around, it would not surprise me at all. Given the ethics of some journalists, it would not surprise me at all. It is all the more troubling that some would either freely or for money carry China’s water when China itself just threw out of its country some very good American reporters for trying to get the truth.

An Example

If you want an example of this, consider Reuters.

Here is a communist propaganda editorial out of China entitled, “Detection, quarantine and treatment tried and tested response to virus: China Daily editorial”

Now here is the Reuters story, entitled, “World should learn lessons from China in coronavirus fight - China Daily.”

China Daily runs an editorial opinion calling on the world to look up to China for what it did. Then Reuters runs a news story based on that editorial.

Here are the communists:

So far, most of the countries aside from China where the pandemic is under control — Singapore, Japan and the Republic of Korea — have been following the principles of early detection, early quarantine and early treatment, which are based on the experience and lessons drawn from China’s successful battle with the virus. And these principles are the main content of the recommendations provided to all countries by the World Health Organization after its experts finished a fact-finding mission in China.

Despite different national conditions and administrative systems, countries, especially those in the West, should pay due attention to these principles, and waste no more time in applying them, since they have already proved their effectiveness.

With this in mind, China is proactively sharing its experience with other countries.

And now here is Reuters:

Though the coronavirus was first discovered last year in the city of Wuhan, where officials initially tried to cover up the outbreak, China has sought to emphasize the positive role it has played in controlling the global spread of the disease. 

With the number of new domestic cases dwindling, China has now turned its attention to controlling new infections coming into the country from overseas, where the pandemic continues to spread. 

China Daily said Singapore, Japan and South Korea had all “based their responses on the experience and lessons drawn from China’s successful battle with the virus”, and China was now “proactively sharing” its best practices.

Reuters literally repacked a communist propaganda editorial as a news story.

It then got picked up by the UK’s Daily Mail as an actual news story, further stripping away that it is actually a communist propaganda editorial.

Now consider this

At the White House yesterday, the President unveiled major plans to deal with the spread of the virus. But the first question he got from a reporter was about whether it was racist to label a virus that originated in China the “Chinese virus.” Despite all the news, including his use of war powers and deployment of military assistance to states, he got three additional questions about that phrase.

These reporters are doing the work of China.

Meanwhile, China is actually trying to spread the story that the United States caused the viral infection in China. In one social media video circulating in China, they purport to show an American solider spreading saliva through a train car.

The Chinese are actively spreading this smear while also showing up in countries now collapsing because of the virus and spreading bags of money. This is asymmetrical warfare against not just the United States, but against all free countries.

Additionally, if you missed it, China has been destroying the evidence of its early detection. Axios has more on China’s current propaganda campaign over the Wuhan virus.

We're getting a glimpse of how China's formidable propaganda apparatus can obscure the truth and change narratives abroad, just as it can at home. The stakes are high — for the world and China's standing in it.

My bottom line: I am convinced China has paid or sympathetic American reporters it is working with to help advance their propaganda and I suspect if the FBI spent as much time investigating China’s American spy network as it has Russia, it’d find them.

If You Have Symptoms

Learn a life lesson from State Senator Brandon Beach in Georgia. He had COVID-19 symptoms on Saturday that included a cough and fever. He got tested for the disease. Instead of self-quarantining until the results could get back, he went to a Special Session of the Georgia General Assembly. Turns out he is infected and was contagious while being around his colleagues in the General Assembly. Pray for him and his colleagues, please.

One More Thing

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I rarely do this, but all things being equal, please consider doing this.
March 19, 2020

the short version is that you all have groups. Whether you have a Facebook group or church group or neighborhood group, etc. — you have a group. Y’all go adopt a local restaurant. Work with other groups and churches.

For years, local restaurants have been serving you. It’s now your turn to serve them. Coordinate to-go orders. Tip heavily. Keep them in business. One day, you will get back out of your house. It’d be a damn shame if you got back out there and these small restaurants were no longer there. Help them.