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You are so fortunate to still have your mom. Keep her close. Joe Biden performing poorly should be a surprise to no one. He is a career politician with very few accomplishments, unless you consider being divisive, a fableist, and a liar accomplishments. That Mitch McConnell says he actually likes Joe Biden tells you all you need to know about Mitch. He actually believes this is all about politics and doesn't realize he's dancing with the Devil. Speaking of the Devil, prayers that a war over Ukraine does not come to pass. IMO, Putin will not invade, unless there is something much bigger in the works involving China and Taiwan, i.e., Putin and the CCP planning dual invasions timed to throw the U.S. and our allies off balance / spread our forces too thin. And as far as COVID is concerned, especially the Omicron variant, aka "the common cold", I agree with you that we have passed to the endemic stage of the disease. Time to stop with the authoritarianism, drop the mandates and other nonsense, and stop pissing away the public's money on vaccines, masks, etc.

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