But is this a pyrrhic victory? Has it come at the expense of free markets, limited government, and individual rights that used to be part of the bedrock of the conservative movement. Was so much focus dedicated to Roe that the other issues were sacrificed as distractions?

I celebrate this decision, not only because it corrects a Constitutional wrong, but also because it will affirm the value of life and save so many of them. But it came at a significant cost.

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Erick, Thank you. Greg Laurie’s book on Revelation talks about a world when right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right in the end times. That’s pretty much the pro-choice argument. Abortion rights will be the Democrats rallying cry in the mid-term election. As conservatives we have to remain focused and persevere. This battle is far from over. The abortion battle has now turned to war.

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Yes many states will STOP THE KILLING OF the little ones that JESUS has made for us to enjoy. These people need to know about giving those little ones up for adoption. Many people want to adopt and NONE of these little ones that are aborted die because these people think they have a right to kill a life that Jesus has made.

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I am grateful that my birth mother (and birth father) surrendered their parental rights, and that my parents who raised me adopted me. I could have grown up in Sheboygan! Instead, I was raised in Newnan, GA.

Many people will now learn about federalism. A new day!

Hadn't considered the point raised in this post.

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Consider, too, that this decision arose from a state law reaching the highest court.

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As noted earlier, the work isn't done. The new focus will be state-level, a somewhat smaller series of targets rather than the one giant one. The national pro life organizs need to develop their state level operations with the relocation of national resources. The focus is no longer DC and, thanks to the Democrats burying their chances in November to hold power, even considering today's decision, it hopefully will not be a DC focus is ever needed again.

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Gee, I wonder if Trump will become that new "nuclear force?" He's had a very bad week. This ruling provides a boost to his "legacy" in that it was his appointments, ok, actually the appointments suggested by The Federalist Society, that any Republican would probably have used, but putting that aside, it's to his benefit.

Hopefully not enough of a benefit to outweigh his attempt to remain unlawfully in power.

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We cannot think the work is done. It has just moved back to the states and each state will determine its own response. My prayer is that the Christian worldview of so many people will move into higher gear for the struggle that remains. Pregnancy centers, counseling , help for mothers in desperate need, adoption process and access improvements are still in need of help.

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The Left will be motivated in November and in 2024.

I hope that the Conservative movement will ask its collective self "Where do we go from here?" rather than just pick up their ball and go home.

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There is another opportunity here for churches to now take the money and focus they had on Roe and apply it to adoption. I have a son and daughter by marriage that is on the adoption train. They are working with Catholic Charities. The average time is 18 months and the cost runs a little below $20,000. Got through a private network and it's at least double that #. While they are caucasian, race isn't a concern to them. Boy or Girl isn't a concern to them. They just want a baby to love and bring up in this world to include in their little family. There are 1,000's of stories like this one out there.

On the other side are a lot of frightened young pregnant woman that, in my opinion, are pushed to abort the child. The ability to adopt should be ramped up, with people working in tandem, just like they did to stop Roe.

Some simple numbers:

From 71 to 2017 - 35 years period

19MM Abortions that were white, average over 544,000 a year.

13.995MM Abortions that were African American, averaging 400,000 a year

10MM of all other ethnicities and races, averaging a little over 300,000 a year.

These are insane numbers. And while the numbers actually dipped under 1MM abortions a year form 2013 to 2017, it still averaged 900,000 a year.

So many couples desperate to become parents and so many young pregnant woman who are desperate for answers and options.

We need to go to God and start working on solutions.

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Great perspective.

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