About What Rush Limbaugh Said

Rush Limbaugh certainly does not need me to defend him, even as he is getting savaged by Media Matters and progressives. If you have not seen the clip being circulated online, Rush explains the President’s methodology for trolling Joe Scarborough. I do not think the President should be doing what he is doing. I have said so and written so publicly. I think it is shameful and gross. But I also think Rush is brilliant and can explain Trump and his antics better than most. Rush explained how Trump was not actually creating conspiracies, but drawing people’s attention to existing conspiracies and doing so to get certain segments of the press and pundit class upset. You can learn a lot about Trump from listening to Rush and you can learn a lot about radio and entertainment by listening to Rush. In 2016, Rush saw what was coming and I was convinced Trump would lose. In fact, most of those now blowing up Rush were in the same boat as me in 2016.

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