Can someone help Herschel add a mention in one of his ads that he will always choose the life of the Mother when her life is truly threatened by her pregnancy? I certainly hope he believes this!

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If the America First Republicans can win the primary they will go on to win 60-80 House seats and control the Senate. Then every committee must become an oversight committee.

Leadership must be MAGA

Impeachment will drive the agenda.

We will witness the dismantling of the administrative state.

These actions will set us on the path to recovery.

The American people will suffer during this time. Inflation is just starting. No pain free way out of this Federal Reserve mess.

We must have leadership that can see on the other side of the hill

You know this is true.

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sounds great

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I admire your sticking to principle. Unfortunately, sentimentality needs to be driven from the Republican Party. There is no compromise that’s acceptable anymore.

Why would we negotiate with people who blatantly tell us things that are demonstrably untrue?

You’ll say we have to, but that’s wrong. If a person believes people “transition” like caterpillars, I don’t have anything in common with them. I don’t want them in charge.

I want them neutered/spayed as appropriate.

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I want to read!!! I have quit following several folks because no written version. I won't even continue on if I click through on a link and find it's only video even with news anymore. I have limited time and I come from a generation that can actually read real words and actual sentences quickly. I can skim whole thing before video (w ads) even cues up. Your very short newletter "clip" about only video I'll do. Love the show notes and your pieces especially since can't always catch you live on radio. Keep up the great work, really, really love your radio show!

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“Faces for radio and voices for print.” I laughed out loud & got ugly looks from my wife….she had to rewind her show! Utterly hilarious!

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Podcasts are a waste off time for me, so I hardly ever take the time, but I do take the time to read your articles, and if I’m in the car, to listen to your program, which I really enjoy!

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Is Walker going to debate any of his primary contenders? I suppose if you’re ahead enough, you avoid debates, but debating practice could be useful for Walker.

Perhaps his contenders could bring up Walker’s negatives to give him and his team experience in how to overcome them. Ir possibly they could do practice debates with a very aggressive ‘opponent’ to get the Walker team ready. Losing this senate race to Warnock is not an option.

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I am also a fan of the printed word, I don't always have time to listen, but I'll MAKE time to read, and I might even make time to listen...to you.

I would argue, though, that it's not just "teaching kindergartners about anal sex" that people are objecting to, it's teaching them about SEX, period. I have no children, no grandchildren (or I'd probably be in jail by now), but I don't want to see any children taught about any type of sexuality until they are old enough to understand what it even means...and five to nine year old kids can't begin to comprehend "gender" issues that it seems many adults have problems with.

I don't care if it's a creepy "drag king" talking about her "trans man" husband, or a fully heterosexual male or female demonstrating how to put on a condom, how to masturbate, or explaining what an orgasm is...children that young do not need to know about such things. Many of them still believe in Santa...and they need to keep that innocence and joy as long as they can, not be thrust into an adult world of sexuality.

If, as the leftists claim, they aren't being taught such things (which we know to not be true, because there are too many angry parents who have discovered that their child was taught about such things in school), then it shouldn't be a problem. If they are...it needs to stop. Now. Before any more innocence is destroyed and another generation grows up with issues about sex.

Just talk to people who have been sexually molested at a young age, and listen to what they've gone through all their life trying to have a "normal" reaction to sex with someone they love, without those memories interfering.

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I see no need for you to do a Podcast. I love your show notes, which are very, very helpful. Especially on a busy day. You might want to consider adding a “subject” level link for selected segments of your show. I do like listening to the 12-15 minute “topical” items which is essentially does this, but it would be nice to have them on a list in addition to the e-mail. Many thanks Erick .

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Like Erick said, the term racist has been so watered down by the left using it to label anyone that doesn't agree with them that it doesn't mean anything, its lost its value.

BUT the groomers and pedophiles are real, they're walking among us, teaching our kids and preying on them. They need to be exposed for what they are.

Has anyone that visited Epstein's island been arrested? NO!! What did judge Alison Nathan, that was appointed by Obama BTY, do? She sealed the list.

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I am afraid Hershel Walker and David Perdue are in the same boat. Unfortunately their decisions will help sink the USS Georgia

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I liken the revenue seeking podcast boom to this personal anecdote:

Years ago my brother-in-law was writing a book for the express purpose of generating royalties. I once asked him which authors he liked to read that helped inform his character development, story lines that integrate complex ideas, etc etc etc.

The mental confusion my question created was visible, and it provoked a proud response of “I don’t read!” As if to say people who read are chumps because they pay for the pleasure.

Not sure if he has a podcast, but the thought process reminds me of those who do.

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I really liked this commentary and would just like to add that I much prefer it to the emails you send out that simply link to a podcast for many of the same reasons you pointed out in the article! ;)

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I read much faster than a podcast so don't listen to them. Too many good writers are poor readers, but don't seem to listen to themselves. If they did I am sure THEY wouldn't listen to themselves. I will put the long form interviews like Joe Rogan on while I work, but not podcasts. Rogan has excellent guests and lets them speak.

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Keep doing what you are doing👍

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