Well, being married, I’m very comfortable admitting I was wrong about something even when I’m right.

I did not expect the Supreme Court to allow the Texas pro-life law to proceed, but they’ve done just that. In a 5-4 decision overnight, the Supreme Court is allowing the Texas law to proceed pending current litigation.

Just as notable, while John Roberts would have stopped the law from proceeding for now given the novel and new type of enforcement mechanism, Roberts patently refused to join the four liberal justices in saying the law is unconstitutional because it violated Roe and Casey. In fact, Justice Sotomayor brought up John Roberts’ opinion in the Louisiana abortion case from last year and Roberts refused to add his name to her statement.

For now, the Supreme Court is allowing Texas’s law to proceed in large part because it allows private rights of action, none of which have actually been taken yet so there is nothing to deal with.

Meanwhile, the best the left can do is trot out Abortion Barbie to argue that it is systemically racist to reduce the murders of black babies.