Community Organizing Time

I am resistant to boycotts and reluctant to advocate them. The conservative movement is very much a movement dedicated to herding cats. The libertarian wing, the fiscal guys, the social guys, the nihilists, etc. all march to their own beats and each group has a subgroup.

The left seems pretty united right now.

Now, I know the left often thinks the right is more united and powerful than the left. But culturally, the left is pretty dominant right now. Look at the organized lies pushed by activists groups in conjunction with the national media.

I’ve seen multiple progressives I very much respect circulating the New York Times breakdown of Georgia’s election laws. But the New York Times takes the special rules for the pandemic and treats them as if they had always been Georgia law. Drop boxes are a good example. They only exist due to Governor Kemp’s emergency order. The moment that order expires the drop boxes go away. The legislature has now codified them.

The New York Times treats the restrictions as voter suppression when, in fact, by next election the drop boxes would be banned just by virtue of Governor Kemp’s emergency order expiring.

Couple that with Major League Baseball’s announcement that it is pulling out of Georgia for the all star game, Delta’s condemnation, etc. and what we are seeing is a culturally dominant left using its clout in the Fortune 500 to direct the public policies of private companies to do their bidding.

The left has, in effect, made private large corporations agents of their will.

I do not believe the conservative response should be to increase government. I do not believe the conservative response should be increased regulation. I think that actually plays into the left’s hand.

What the response should be is more organization on the right.

From the Heritage Foundation to Americans for Tax Reform to the Family Research Council to the Media Research Center to R Street to the Conservative Partnership to the Club For Growth to the American Family Assocation and on, conservatives need to figure out ways to better coordinate limited efforts at economic sanction against private corporations doing the left’s bidding.

The problem here is Conservative, Inc. is largely broken. Too many grifters have invaded the movement and too many conservative organizations are beholden to the Fortune 500. Likewise, too many supposedly principled organizations are now all about one man’s bidding in Florida and a vocal group of conservatives is all about nihilistic destruction of the American way of life convinced the left has already destroyed the country.

I’m not sure unity can be found.

But we sure should try. The left is able to influence culture right now in large part because of the disarray and disunity on the right. It might be time to get all the conservative principle players together for an off the record chat. A lot of the conservative movement agrees on very little these days, but we all seem to agree the ability of the left to steer corporations into Woke-O Haram propaganda is a bridge too far.

If we cannot unite around the economic clout of church goers, conservatives, and Republican voters, we probably need to just expect this situation to worsen.

Additionally, though culture may be upstream from politics, we need to remember spirit is upstream from culture. Evangelical churches need to be involved in this process too. And solid, sensible policy needs to be deployed. If we’re just “owning the left,” they’re going to beat us every time.

Americans need some alternatives in public policy beyond saying “nope” and they need to be roped into the cause of fighting Woke-O Haram. Most of them hate the woke terrorists anyway.

The conservative movement needs to get back to finding some common ground without turning everything into an opportunity for grift and we just might be able to give the Fortune 500 a taste of their own medicine.

Right now, they’ll use lies to come after conservative and Republican public policy while turning a blind eye to China because they profit from China and take us for granted. We need them to fear our economic impact and they don’t. Why should they?

More importantly, if conservatives cannot get on the same page, some nut somewhere is going to go to dangerous extremes and lash out violently. It’ll hurt the movement as the media tag teams with the left against us.

Lastly, and the biggest problem in all of this, is the conservative movement has lost its damn mind. How many otherwise sensible and sane conservatives wanted Congress to throw out the Electoral College? The movement has helped discredit itself at a time it needs maximum credibility.

Right now, we need to take a united stand.