Don't Drag Colin Powell Into Anti-Vax Conspiracies

Having never run for office, Colin Powell received 3 Electoral Colleges in 2016. He was a remarkable man. In 1996, Republicans tried to draft Powell to run for office. Ronald Reagan, in 1994, tried to recruit Powell to run for President.

Powell never ran.

He went from a celebrated General to an American statesman. He lived an amazing life.

I write not to memorialize Powell. Others can do that far more capably than I can. I write on a side note. He died of COVID-19 complications and the ghouls have already started circulating it is proof the vaccines do not work.

Powell was 84 years old and suffered from multiple myeloma and Parkinson’s disease. The vaccine, like a lot of vaccines, is not effective against blood cancer and the therapies related thereto. That has been very well documented.

It is shameful that people would rush to use Powell’s death from COVID complications to claim the vaccine doesn’t work while ignoring his related health problems that made both the vaccine less effective and the effects of COVID more dangerous.

Colin Powell was a good man and a great American. Let’s not soil his memory with a lie to promote a conspiracy to placate an agenda he would have wanted no part of.