Have Y'all Seen This?

I’m on vacation this week — the first time I’ve had off several days in a row since Christmas.

I interrupt with only one small observation that should trouble Republicans.

In Georgia, Donald Trump is on the air running attacks on Joe Biden. This is not good. Georgia should be safe for Trump, but it is not. His attack ads on Joe Biden show visuals from leftwing violence during the Trump era to claim that Joe Biden’s administration would be hijacked by the radical left and Joe Biden would make American unsafe.

The text overlay on the ad actually shows crime is going up now while Donald Trump is President.

The ad ran during the CBS Evening News, which was doing stories on ICU space in Florida hospitals getting maxed out as COVID-19 is spreading and the sick are going to hospitals.

It is not a compelling message for an incumbent President to use scenes of violence happening while he is President to make the case that it’d be even worse under Joe Biden. Most Americans are having a hard time processing what is happening at this moment. They don’t have the bandwidth to process a Biden tenure when they’re wondering what the hell is happening right now.

From the riots to protests to virus, Americans are losing trust in Trump and his campaign strategy is to attempt to drive up Biden’s negatives instead of resurrecting trust in the President.

Donald Trump running television ads in Georgia trying to scare people out of voting for Biden by using scenes from Trump’s tenure in office is not a winning message. In fact, it seems like the Trump campaign has given up.

We’re four months from the election and the Trump team is running ads catering to his core base of hating Democrats. He already has those people. He doesn’t need ads like this. He needs ads to get the people skeptical of him. These are not those ads.

Whoever is running the Trump operation needs to be fired.

Behind the scenes, however, they all whisper, “It’s not us, it is him.” The campaign has given up on their candidate and the campaign message seems to be they’ve given up on winning.