How Does a Fish Know It's Wet?

A fish has no idea it is wet. A sentient fish would have no idea it is wet. From conception, a fish is surrounded by water. It has no concept of wet.

I have lost my patience and been fairly irascible of late with people who I have realized do not know they are wet. When all you consume is the media that tells you what you want to hear and all your friends believe the same thing you believe, what is true does not matter. What you believe is true is all that matters.

The other night, an acquaintance was bothered that I was not bothered about Dominion Voting Systems operating its election servers in Germany. I told him they don’t. But he fully believed and was convinced they did have servers there because the President’s lawyers had said so and it had been echoed across conservative media.

It just isn’t true and he really had no idea.

Many friends of mine have been outraged about my views on this election, the lack of good evidence of theft, etc. They cannot understand how a guy who stayed in his basement and generated no crowds could have gotten over 81 million votes for the presidency. What they don’t understand is how many Americans were exhausted by or simply did not like Donald Trump.

It is easier for them to believe the election was stolen than that Biden really won because all the media they consume and their circle of friends believe the same thing.

And now the Texas lawsuit has been dismissed by the Supreme Court. The President’s own three appointees to the Supreme Court rejected the suit. Even Justices Alito and Thomas were cold to it and only thought the Supreme Court was obligated to hear a case of original jurisdiction. But even they wanted to decline to give Texas any of the remedies Texas sought.

Nine Justices rejected the remedies Texas sought and a bunch of conservative congressmen, attorneys general, and talking heads assured conservatives the case had merit and the Supreme Court would take it.

It never had merit. It was obvious the Court would reject it. However, a bunch of conservative media chose to give it legitimacy.

I am truly disappointed with my own side for the hucksterism, lies, and denial of reality. Too many friends have no knowledge they are wet. They cannot appreciate the real world around them and live now in a fantasy land of grievance, theft of elections, and mythology. Principles have been abandoned and all that remains is coveting power and keeping power.

Some good friends have even signed a letter wanting multiple states to ignore their voters and appoint replace electors to the Electoral College. It is disappointing to see.

I just assumed my side was better than the left, which has spent four years lying about 2016, engaged in petty grievances, and screaming about stolen elections and Russia. Turns out, in the end, everybody sometimes disappoints. Lord knows a lot of you are disappointed in me for merely trying to tell you the truth.