I'm Sorry. I Was Wrong. The Deep State Really Is Trying to Steal the Election.

They're just doing it in a way you did not expect.

In 2014, Barack Obama was on the verge of a remarkable achievement. He could be the first President in a very long time to have a super-majority of his party in the United States Senate. Able to overcome any filibuster, the Democrats in the Senate would have been unstoppable.

Down in Georgia, Michelle Nunn, daughter of former Senator Sam Nunn, stepped up to run as the Democrats’ nominee. An Obama donor swung into action to help her against David Perdue, the Republican nominee.

Polling showed Nunn ahead of Perdue at one point and Democrats got really excited. The Obama donor gave Nunn money and support to get her across the finish line and get the Democrats their super majority. Thankfully, David Perdue beat her.

Yesterday, down in Georgia, that Obama donor and reliable Democrat voter swung into action again to help the Democrats take back the Senate and try to stop David Perdue a second time.

Standing on stage at a stop the steal rally, that Obama and Michelle Nunn donor, Attorney Lin Wood, urged Georgia Republican voters to stay home and refrain from supporting the GOP in the special election runoffs that will decide control of the United States Senate.

Wood has a history of helping the Democrats.

He funded John Edwards's presidential campaign. He funded Barack Obama’s campaign. He funded various other Democratic Senate campaigns to help Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. He has funded a variety of progressive Democrats in Georgia in both gubernatorial races and state legislative races. Now he has taken the lead in suppressing the Republican vote in Georgia.

On the same day a Democrat group started running billboards around the state of Georgia telling Republicans there was no point in them voting in January, Wood and Sidney Powell stood on a stage in suburban Atlanta and made the exact same case. Because, they claimed, the race had been stolen, Republicans needed to just hand Joe Biden control of the Senate and let them wipe out Donald Trump’s legacy and signature initiatives. It is a masterful echoing of the Democrats.

In 2018, instead of voting in the Republican Primary for Brian Kemp or Casey Cagle, Wood voted in the Democratic Primary where Stacey Abrams began her march onto the national stage. Wood never voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary in Georgia, but he voted for and gave money to Barack Obama in the 2008 Democrat Presidential Primary in Georgia. Wood even voted in the 2006 Democratic Primary and Democratic Primary Runoff in Georgia in the year the GOP was sweeping Georgia.

Don’t believe me. Believe his voting record on file with the Georgia Secretary of State. He denies it, but the Office of the Secretary of State confirms this is Lin Wood’s publicly available voting record.






Obama Donor.

John Edwards Donor.

Democrat Donor.

Now this Democrat who opposed David Perdue in 2014 is telling Republican voters to avoid voting for Perdue in the runoff.

It turns out the Kraken is a deep state ploy to suppress the Republican vote and hand the Senate to Joe Biden so the Democrats can impose their gun tax and wipe out Donald Trump’s legacy.

Lin Wood, who did not vote for Donald Trump in the Georgia presidential primary but did vote for Obama, wants you to let the Democrats destroy the Trump legacy.

Will Georgia Republicans believe his lies or stand and fight?