January 6th Was an Obvious Progression

This is a transcript from my radio show. You can join my premium newsletter for only $7/month or $70/year for exclusive content. This week is the first week in January, which means this Thursday, is January 6th. The national media fully intends to make a spectacle of it. Now, listen, I don't think there was anything commendable about what happened on January 6th. I think it was a bad day. I think that it was an incursion into the U.S. capital to stop the United States Congress from lawfully picking the next president through the counting of the Electoral College vote. I am totally fine with people being in jail who committed crimes that day. Some of you disagree. Cobb County, Georgia, which was the moderate Republican base of the party in Georgia for years is having a January 6th memorial where they intend to mourn the “patriots” in jail. They weren't patriots. They were criminals.

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