Meet the Double Standard in Cancel Culture

Gina Carano has been fired by Disney from its Mandalorian show, part of Lucasfilm.

Carano starred as Cara Dune in a supporting role, but used a comparison between conservatives in America and the Holocaust.

Carano was the subject of much criticism recently when, in a now-deleted Instagram post, she compared being a modern-day Republican to being Jewish during the Holocaust.

Now, follow along with me here. Carano was fired for her now deleted Instagram post. Meanwhile, the star of the show, Pedro Pascal, tweeted this:

(Hat tip to Dan Andros)

Pascal kept his job. He also compared Trump supporters to Nazis.

Gina Carano is fired. He keeps his job. Yes, there is a double standard and if you point it out, the left accuses you of whataboutism or supporting your own version of cancel culture.

Those of you in the media should note these double standards will further radicalize people on the right.