On Marjorie Taylor Greene

(Hat tip to Tyler Burgess)

I knew Marjorie Taylor Greene was QAnon and a 9/11 truther.

Today, I learn the congresswoman from Georgia who replaces Cynthia McKinney as Georgia’s in-house antisemite believes the Jews have an orbital space laser that started wild fires in California to clear a path for a high speed rail system. Yes, she actually believes that. I assume they’re just targeting the uncircumcised, so I’m safe.

Marjorie Taylor Greene also believes or believed that the Newtown, CT and Parkland, FL school shootings were “false flag” operations, a favorite conspiracy of nuts online. I asked Senator Marco Rubio for his thoughts on those like Greene who think Parkland really wasn’t a school shooting. He told me, “Parkland was a real tragedy in which real parents lost real children. Anyone suggesting it was fake is either deranged or a sadist.”

He’s right.

Greene, who had the money to fund a race against nine people in a Republican primary, got elected because no one had knowledge about her. She’s not even from the district in which she got elected. Her election is not a damning indictment on the people of Georgia, but on the political class.

I know because I am literally the only voice across the five media markets in her district, openly told listeners they’d regret voting for her, and never once had any of the opposition research shared with me.

Trust me, if I knew about the Jews in space, that would have made incredible radio during the primary. But I had no idea.

In fact, what I was told by Republican operatives is that Greene had a ceiling in the runoff and all I needed to do was warn voters about voting for her. They said she couldn’t win the runoff. They were wrong. While John Cowan, her opponent in the runoff, was trying to get the word out, Greene had more money and a die hard base.

Many of that base now feels played by her. Many of the voters in Georgia’s 14th are embarrassed.

Greene is going nowhere. If Ralph Northam could survive black face, Greene, who has no sense of shame, will go nowhere now. She’ll double down and some will defend her.

Republicans in Georgia, next year, will try to redistrict her out of Congress. Undoubtedly, she’ll keep flaring up like political herpes, or a Republican Cynthia McKinney, but perhaps she will have only one term.

The drip, drip, drip of opposition research now coming out will make her radioactive to a statewide run, but perhaps she will try.

I should conclude by noting the Democrats have their own crazy. The Democrats turned a blind eye to Maxine Waters calling for harassment of Republicans in public. But just because they don’t hold their own accountable doesn’t mean we should behave the same. We are not them nor should we wish to be.

The 14th Congressional District of Georgia could see the GOP run a dog turd between two slices of white bread and it would beat a Democratic candidate. The district is designed for the GOP to win. The district has come as close to having dog turd in office now and the GOP should work to find a better person for the next election cycle.