This is AWFUL.

Students are not allowed weapons. criminals doing anything and not being punished. or contained.

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It's not over yet. Let's see if the murderer actually gets successfully prosecuted. Eric mentions this prosecutor having a history. But listen to this case. Back in 2021 a student was killed crossing Broad Street in Athens by a hit and run driver. She was thrown 86 feet.

The car was abandoned and the owner of the car was called by her son the driver to say that he had, "Messed up and wrecked the car." The owner recommended to report the car as having been stolen.

There were witnesses to the crash. The girl who was killed was not alone. Plus gas workers nearby also saw the accident. The car was found with open alcohol containers inside. The driver turned himself in and was charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident w/ injury or death, driving without a license, and driving with an open container.

A year or so later it went to trial and the accused was acquitted of all charges. We all thought, WHUT!?! How can this be?

Ariana Zarse was a 20 year old Junior from Austin, Texas and my daughter's sorority sister. So very sad. It turns out the accused had another hit and run in Oglethorpe county the year prior as well.

I totally expect justice to NOT be served.

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"Any inconvenient fact is ignored or quickly raised and dismissed because narrative counts more."

That's rich. Well, here are a few inconvenient facts:

Republicans had a chance to do something about immigration but took a pass, ostensibly because the bill didn't go far enough.


So where is the Republican immigration bill that DOES go far enough? Here's your answer:


Republicans don't want to solve this problem. They would rather blame Democrats, whine about the press and fire up the base with horror stories like this.

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Erick - is there any legal recourse for the family against the DA for not following due process nor the law?

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I live near Athens. Some local preachers are calling it Hate if you share the opinion that this thug is an illegal alien and that the Laken's murder wouldn't have happened except for Biden's border policy.

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Feb 26·edited Feb 26

Laken Riley and three other young women recently offed by Biden's guests are shown here, along with their dispatch agents. We offer prayers for all four families, and for justice in our time for those who enable such barbarity within our borders.


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My heart aches for this poor girl's family. They can't even grieve in peace. So full of life and possibilities, taken by a senseless act of violence. I've taken a moment to pray for them, we all should. I thank Governor Kemp for being vocal on this matter in our state, but it never should have come to this. May she now rest in peace.

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I think it’s time for another illegal dump in the middle of blue heaven again Then let’s have some civil suits against some DA that won’t enforce the law. When these crimes happen you become a accomplice by not enforcing the law

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Sad. May the Lord help you to continue to speak the truth and may many hear it.

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The GOP really needs to make a case out of this, in a BIG way. The theme of "Laken Riley was murdered by an illegal alien felon due to Joe Biden and Democrats' progressive policies" should be featured EVERYWHERE.

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Could not agree more-my heart is breaking for this young woman and her grieving family. I do pray for our President, but really ( and I'm sure God has figured this out ), I want that entire administration GONE , never to return. I never thought I'd see this type of government in our country and it breaks my heart.

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My aunt and a couple of cousins were in town for the weekend. Somehow, my brother in law opened up a discussion on the fact that on the left coast, you can steal just under $1,000 of merchandise and not be charged. My aunt (who is a Democrat) had never heard of this and could not believe it. I’m quite certain my brother in law had also just heard about it since he primarily watches CNN. Yesterday, my parents and I were discussing this issue again with my wife, who also had not heard about it. She said when did you learn of this? Both my parents and I said several years ago. I told her she is unaware of many things because the news that she follows refuses to report on it. She acknowledged that the Laken Riley murder will certainly be used politically. She was also not aware of how many millions have crossed the border since Biden took office. She was shocked when I told her. I’m not sure she has it in her to vote for a Republican for president (she has in local races) but perhaps this will be an eye opener for many people.

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Re: Laken Riley's death.

As I mentioned yesterday, massive illegal immigration is part of the big plan being implemented by the Davos folks.

In Michigan, our Davos Darling Gretchen Whitmer and her Democrats are asking people to house illegal aliens in their homes for up to 90 days, find them jobs and get their kids enrolled in school. I really have to wonder if anyone is actually dumb enough to do this. Give it a week, and after their homes are trashed and their daughters assaulted, they will be screaming bloody murder to get them out. Good luck removing them once they've settled into a comfortable living space.

You know what else? In Michigan, if you've lived someplace for 30 days, then you have established legal residency, and getting anyone out requires an eviction process.

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For years post WWII we had an honest press that cared for getting out the truth because they had shared the horrors of what can happen under a dictator/ chancellor. That generation is long gone, transitioning during Vietnam, Watergate. During the Bush administration the media drifted increasing left, to hard left under Obama and Progressive left activist under Trump, to save America from the half of America that did not vote as the media wanted them to. Our media for the most part are left wing activist and act at times as the media wing of the DNC. And now we see that the DNC is not left enough for much of the media. Our news media do not care for most of America nor does it reflect the views of most of America. Anything reported by the media now requires cross verification. At this point you have to ask yourself, what good is a media that caters to the hard left and does not print the truth whether by omission of facts or by outright lies? What good are they? They're not. As the MSM slowly goes under I do a private celebration whenever I hear there is another round of layoffs or a site such as Buzzfeed going under. Good bye. Good riddance.

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What’s with using the word “progressive?” Nothing about the left’s policies, programs denigrating Christian whites (replacing one kind of prejudice with another), and willingness to degrade our Country demonstrates “progress” but rather instead going backward toward some sort of third world sewer or socialist paradise that they envision. So instead of remaining in NY screwing his wife, this brown hispanic piece of waste comes here and murders a college girl. But that’s what certain people are ok with inside their “sanctuaries.” And soon we’ll hear how it partially was her “fault” for running alone in a wooded area. Likely in shorts and a t-shirt too, adding to her “liability.” And that she was fully aware of the “risk” but negligently chose to run there anyway. (Had she been wearing a burka, maybe it wouldn’t have happened.)

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The difference between Roam and us today is the institutions and bureaucracy functioned in spite of the failures of the elected officials.

"Failure is the defining characteristic of America", is evidence of one of two things coming to fruition

1) the system has been overwhelmed, Cloward-Piven Strategy, Obama's play book.

2) the system is not overwhelmed but those in charge refuse to exercise authority. It is not a stretch to attribute the motive for the purpose of injecting chaos.

Our institutions and bureaucracy are controlled predominantly by the Left. Unless and until the local elected and federal unelected are replaced America will continue to decline and the majority who just want to learn ve their life, go to work, earn and honest dollar, be able to afford what they need and what they want, all while not worrying about crime et al will ride it down.

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