Warlock spent $600,000.00 of our tax dollars last year for personal armed security. However, he signs off on all any any bills that deny the tax payers their Second Amendment right to arm and protect themselves. Quite evident his life is worth more than ours.

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Walker's retort, there is a baby in the room, reminds me of two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner.

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Still hard to believe these two were the best GA could come up with to run for senate. (I voted for Kelvin King.)

But I'll hold my nose and vote for Walker.

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I agree with you about selling the naming rights. I was proud Atlanta had The Georgia Dome and Turner Field, but now just has the same corporate names that tell you nothing about where it is.

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I watched the debate (last 45 minutes of it) and was impressed by Walker’s performance.

I hate debates, but I watch them all.

Create a scorecard:

- answers the question

- skirts the question

- ignores the question

- refers to talking points

- answers the question, and reinforces message

If you watch this debate objectively, and want to know who won it? Then assign your own point system to this criteria.

Then if you don’t get the result you were hoping for? Reassign points.

Then look at your criteria and ask if it matches with who should be your next senator.

For me personally, had Walker referred to talking points while avoiding answers, I would have given him the loss.

Had Warnock brought new ideas to the debate and not been so predictable, he would have won the debate.

But the tipping point for me, was after, I turned to my less-biased wife and asked her what she thought.

Watch the debate with someone you love and listen more than you talk.

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