When did conservatism become incompetent? What has happened to the movement that I have long been a part of? This is so depressing to see.

Let me tell you about Dr. Joseph Costa. He died of COVID-19. He was the head of ICU at a Baltimore hospital who rallied his staff to fight COVID. His team treated a bunch of COVID patients and, in the fight, he contracted the virus.

Dr. Costa died the other day, essentially a battlefield casualty in the fight against the virus. He worked the front lines in the fight. We should remember people like that who lost their lives helping others.

Along comes the conservative movement, which puts together a press conference in front of the Supreme Court with a group of doctors who are not on the front lines. They are urgent care or primary care physicians in most cases. They are not regularly in emergency rooms or ICU wards. But they call themselves front line doctors. Of course, when you get to the front of the line at their offices, they have receptionists and waiting areas.

They want to argue that hydroxychloroquine is a useful drug that the media has mischaracterized in a political stunt to own the President. I agree with them. They have valid points to make.

But all these doctors were overshadowed by Dr. Stella Immanuel. She took the microphone and did an impressive tour de force about not wearing masks because hydroxychloroquine is so effective. Her clip got circulated by the President and his son.

Who vetted the lady? Why was she there? She became the face of this press conference. In fact, she became the face so much so that even the President’s own lawyer seemed to not be aware that other credible doctors were there at the press conference.

Immanuel was not the “only medical professional and actual doctor with experience treating COVID-19 willing to speak up.”

It is remarkable how she so dominated the conference that a smart lawyer like Jenna Ellis seems completely unaware of the other doctors there.

As to the “most effective” part, Dr. Immanuel is also a minister and she believes gynecological problems come from women having sex with demons and witches in a dream state. She believes that certain conditions are actually demon sperm. She also has claimed alien DNA is used in medicine right now.

Y’all, by current cultural standards, I believe in some whacked out stuff. I believe in a Heaven and a Hell. I believe in the physical death and resurrection of a human being who ascended into Heaven, sits at the right hand of God, and who will return to this earth. I believe in angels and I believe in demons. I believe there was a global flood that wiped out humanity except for one family in a boat. I believe there was a really real original man and original woman. I believe it is just as likely that the Navy pilots seeing those UFOs are seeing the “things not seen” as Paul might say as they are alien craft (the reality is most likely the Air Force screwing with the Navy).

I believe these things to be true. I believe there’ll be a final day. I believe there’ll be a global judgment. I believe people who do not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will eternally be cast out and separated from God.

I believe these things. Billions of people do.

But demon sperm, alien DNA, and the Nephalim who died in the great flood having sex with current people? That’s a bridge too far.

Dr. Immanuel became the dominant voice on that stage, distracted from everyone else there, and turned a presidential press conference into an embarrassment of questions over demon sperm.

Doctors with good backgrounds and practical views got overshadowed by someone with views so fringe even those of us who literally believe in Adam and Eve have to blush.

Shame on the conservative movement for doing that. We have to do better.

The real front line doctors, like Joseph Costa, are dying of this virus and conservatives are putting up cranks.

Yes, it is true that conservatives are always more likely to be forced to distance ourselves from bad people than the left. If a Republican city councilman in Nowheresville, TX says something stupid, every Republican pundit and the President is confronted by the press and expected to renounce him. If Louis Farrakhan says something inflammatory about Jews, all the Democrats can still go fundraise with him next week.

It is a double standard, but we know it exists and has existed and yet Stella Immanuel got to stand behind that microphone.

There are 243 currently registered, outstanding studies on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, many of those studies in outpatient settings. We await the results of the research.

You’d never know that from these doctors. You’d never even know about the doctors except for me telling you. All you’d know about is Dr. Immanuel and demon sperm.

Conservatives, we need to be smarter, better prepared, with better arguments, and with better people. Yes, the other side is out to get us. Yes, the media has biases against us. We don’t need to make it that easy for them.