I gotta hand it to Joe Manchin. He knows how to play the system.

I've people who are from West Virginia. I've asked them why they consistently re-elect this guy every cycle.

There is no real answer..... other than two years before an election, he starts acting like a conservative which makes people forget all the left-wing stuff he did for the previous four years.

It's just lunacy.

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This brings me to my point.

I hear many say “this country was founded on compromise”

While that’s true. These days are different.

We have a domestic terrorism group within our country and it is called the Democratic Party. You do not negotiate with terrorists.

You can believe that there are middle of the aisle democrats but that is just not true. You can believe that there are conservative democrats but that’s also not true.

In the end it has been proven that these people vote dem 100% of the time and never cross the aisle until it’s convenient.

They never do so under their own conviction, ever.

When your dealing with an enemy of this scale that can literally put your life at risk, your children’s lives at risk, and they are out there arming themselves getting ready for war. You don’t put your hand out offering a compromise because it’s likely to get cut off.

We don’t need middle of the road weak in the knees RHinos. We need people that are going to say NO! That are going to when a liberal legislative piece comes walking by to say “No I’m not voting for that and your a devil for even proposing it”

Trump has a problem in his delivery of his message but his message and intent is true.

When you you have an army at your doorstep the world doesn’t need a Mitch Mconnel. It needs a George S Patton type who’s going to fire back (metaphorically speaking) and ask questions later.

It is now necessary and required to put a wall between us and the left and no we are not accepting applications for residency on the top of it. Pick a side.

Stand firm and vote for people that say what they mean. There is no other way.

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Not just Joe manchin.

There are other reps in red states that play conservative for a few months until running back to the left.

If the West Virginians vote him back in. They are idiots.

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And the scales from my eyes have been removed. I once was a fan of Joe's ONLY because he upset the liberals in his own party. I also had hope he was going to help stop the TRILLIONS of dollars of new spending that will eventually bankrupt this once great nation of ours. I can't believe I was played. It seems we've reached the tipping point as a nation. What next Erick? How are we to behave in a post modernism society? Will the revival ever grow if authorities are manipulating them for crowd control (Asbury), or stopping them all together? God help this nation, please!

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Joe Manchin cannot be trusted any more than any other RINO in DC. Other than swing another tally to the R side in the Senate I have zero use for the unprincipled man.

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I love when you turn my perceptions inside-out. Excuse me while I dig into this picture, which I don’t see in any center-left media

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That other POS Jon Tester is the same kind of politician

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Thanks for the reality check you point out and that most of us have noted over time! It’s frustrating to watch him withhold making a decision that would pass a Republican sponsored bill and then vote with his Dim colleagues! The art of the tease I’d say!

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Joe Manchin, the most "conservative" Democrat in either House of Congress, has an average National Taxpayers Union rating of 23%. Sue Collins, the most liberal Republican in either House, has an NTU average of 48%. He looks conservative only in contrast to his fellow Democrats, who are all pretty much scrunched down in the bottom 20%. Of course he's "progressive," but he's actually not progressiver-than-thou. Hillary and Obama, for instance, have lifetime NTU averages of 9%!

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I have to admit I'd trade Joe Manchin for the two whacko lefties who unfortunately represent me in the Senate from my state of Northern California (also known as Washington State.)

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So...Don Parsons at the national level I guess.

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