Sexism Killed Mike Bloomberg's Campaign

This is a really impressive article about Mike Bloomberg. Just read these two bits:

As for Mayor Bloomberg? “When I hear him talk, I want to punch him, even when I agree with him.”

A version of that sentiment—Bloomberg inspiring irrational animus among those whom he has sought as constituents—was a common refrain about the candidate, who announced today that he was suspending his campaign after a poor showing on Super Tuesday. This complaint tends to take on not the substance of Bloomberg’s stated positions, but instead the style with which he delivers them. And it has been expressed by pundits as well as voters. Politico, in September, ran an article featuring quotes from Obama-administration officials calling Bloomberg “sanctimonious” and a “narcissist.” The Boston Herald ran a story criticizing Bloomberg’s “self-righteous, abrasive style.” The New York Times columnist Bret Stephens, in October, described Bloomberg as “intensely alienating” and “a know-it-all.” Donny Deutsch, the MSNBC commentator, has dismissed Bloomberg, the person and the candidate, as “unlikable”—and has attributed his failure to ingratiate himself to him as a result, specifically, of his “high-school principal” demeanor. (“This is not a gender thing,” Deutsch insisted, perhaps recognizing that his complaint might read as very much a gender thing. “This is just kind of [a] tone and manner thing.”)

That last bit should give the game away. This excerpt was actually about Elizabeth Warren. I just changed the pronouns and the names. But they all applied to Mike Bloomberg too. People found Bloomberg arrogant, narcissistic, self-righteous, abrasive, a know-it-all, and generally annoying even when you agreed with him.

From cringe-worthy moments correcting people that China is not a dictatorship to insisting a Hispanic reporter refer to Texas as Tejas, Bloomberg came of as… excuse my language … an a—hole on the trail.

He outspent everyone and lost. Warren did not outspend everyone but lost too.

Warren lost the women of her home state. I guess they are sexist too.

The reality is that progressives are trying to claim sexism just as they claimed Russian stole the election from Hillary. It keeps them from having to acknowledge that Warren was a poor messenger and had bad ideas. As progressivism takes on the character of religion, it must develop mythologies to explain the world. Apollo used to ride a chariot across the sky to move the sun and now women cannot get elected President because women are sexist woman-haters.

Related to all of this is a UN commissioned survey that finds 90% of people on the planet have sexist views. Notice I did not write women. 90% of people. In other words, roughly 90% of women have views the UN elite consider sexist. Maybe it is the political elite who are sexist and not the women. It is, after all, the political elite who believe women should conform in particular ways.

Also, please remember the savagery directed at people like Sarah Palin in 2008 or Nikki Haley even now. Because they are pro-life women with power, the left treats them as sell-outs to their sex. That is to say, it really isn’t about sex. It is about the abortion agenda and left-wing ideology. Women cannot really be women unless they support ripping up children and advancing socialism.

Much like the political elite claiming everything is racist, we are now rushing to bastardize the word sexist. Just as the former now gives a lot of people a pass to ignore actual racism, the latter will give people a pass to ignore actual sexism. Both racism and sexism are real. But refusing to vote for a candidate who is black or who is a woman does not make one racist or sexist.