Sunlight as Disinfectant

In the spirit of sunlight being the best disinfectant, I want you to watch a clip of Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) teaching elder Greg Thompson. This is the man who I noted has defended Marxism. I am being accused of attacking him merely for showing you this clip and letting him speak in his own words.

Watch this:

Notice his claim that it is “beyond dispute” that the United States is “the longest-standing white supremacist social order[].”

Notice as well that he premises everything on 1619, most likely based on the 1619 Project.

Well, now you need to note that the lead author of the 1619 Project, Hannah Nicole Jones, is now denying that her 1619 Project wanted to tie America’s founding to 1619.

After reading that, you need to go follow this thread from Atlantic writer Conor Friedersdorf who documents the numerous times Jones did fully invest in the idea that America’s founding is 1619.

The problem with critical theorists is that they would have us take them at what they say and if we put what they say in our own words, we are no longer taking them at their word. They, in turn, feel free to revise constantly because reality is based on language, not fact, for them.

So we can have a PCA pastor claim the United States is the longest-standing white supremacist social order in history and premise it on the 1619 Project’s work then disregard the author of that project moving the goalposts.

Also, a few questions for those who believe the United States is systemically racist:

  • If so, isn’t the British system racist and longer-lasting? They, after all, started up the colonies.

  • Wasn’t revolution against the British progress in upending their systemic racism?

  • If we are systemically racist, please explain the Civil War, the abolitionist movement, the Civil Rights Act, the implementation of affirmative action, and the election of Barack Obama.

  • Why would a systemically racist nation see hundreds of thousands of white men die to free black men?

Food for thought for your weekend.