Please provide a link to the incidents.

No matter how I Google it I can't find an article for when and where kindergarteners were taught sex acts.

I agree with the FL legislation. I am being challenged to provide a source for the catalist.

I suspect the teacher was acting on this own volition, and this is not curriculum mandated content.

I have read the provided link for NJ's education curriculum. I see what amounts to DEI being mandated, but not explicit sex education and certainly not sex act education.

I do see the left has created the problem, they can't allow an age limit on their fabricated view that transgender is nature vs nurture. That would call their view into question.

Is the FL legislation the right response? Is teaching DEI the same as sex education?

I have a problem with parents dressing their prepubescent boy up as a girl and sending them to school. They can play dress up at home.

Ah, but now little Jimmy wants to know why he can't go to school in a dress. Mom and dad don't want to explain why *they* like him wearing dresses.

Sexual attraction can occur between 9 and 13.

Puberty is between ages 10 and 14 for girls and ages 12 and 16 for boys.

Again, the left has twisted biology, which is what sex ed was for me in the 80's in 5th and 6th grade. It wasn't until 7th and 8th grade until the concept of sexual reproduction was introduced. And even then specific "acts" were never discussed.

So what is the objective of the FL legislation? Can we just say that biological boys can't dress a certain way? Interestingly enough I don't see the same problem with girls, they can wear pants no problem.

Can we just say biological boys use the boys room and biological girls use the girls room in elementary school? No exceptions, it's binary, boys / girls, anatomy dictates.

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I saw this thing that said, we can tell our kids that an old fat guy in a red & white suit can get in a sleigh being pulled by magical flying reindeer and he can deliver presents to kids all over the world in one night. And kids believe it, without question.

But we (adults) are supposed to believe that homosexuals grooming our young impressionable kids doesn't exist. Hell no!

Case in point, have any of the pedophiles that visited Epsteins island been arrested?

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Further proof that the DNC at the national level do not care about facts (majority of FL democrats support the bill). They only care about forcing their agenda down the throats of the American people.

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