W O W.... somebody wake me when Erick's vacation is over. It's too painful to listen to this used car salesman. WOW again but it sure makes me appreciate the sound logic and seasoned cadence of Erick's voice. Cheers

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Dems control the Executive and the Senate; Repubs only marginally control the House so nobody gets all that they want. You get what you can get, make the deal, let everyone complain, and run a better quality slate of candidates in 2024 that will win elections and then craft a debt ceiling/spending reduction bill to your liking.

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So, what’s the solution, Erick (know you’re on vacation)? No deal and see if the Dems cave after the markets crater? See how Treasury manages the finances - responsibly or disastrously? Are the howls from “progressives” just theater; and do they think the same about the Freedom Caucus howls?

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I pressed the heart because there is not "I hate this" button. Not your writing but what you are writing about. Elected GOP members in Washington DC are so bad at winning as to be laughable. I guess this is McCarthy revealing who he really is. You will know them by their fruits. This one is a lemon.

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It is a negotiation. It does seem like we should have done better.

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Here we are AGAIN being as feckless as only the Republicans know how to be. So sad.

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So I want to take a step back in the Time Machine. For all those people who said “we need to have candidates not endorsed by trump to win…”

Except what do we get for those non endorsed by trump candidates?

No different than a dem.

Take McCormick in my district. Jake evans lost the primary to McCormick. He was a trump endorsed candidate. But what did we get instead? McCormick is a Kevin M. Supporter. And has already tweeted he praises this “deal”. He never once voted against McCarthy on the vote for house speaker.

So again what do we get in return for NOT voting for the Trump candidate? Not much better than if a dem beat the trump endorsed candidate.

So goes to show. Sure candidates matter and if we don’t nominate the trump endorsed candidate we win… kind of sort of… well no we don’t. Because the RHINO we get instead is no better.

I told you. We don’t just have a candidate problem. We have a foolish voters who believe media lies.

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Pretty much what I thought. Maybe if we could get Iran to nuke the top 10 big cities . . .

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May 28·edited May 29

I warned everybody it was worth the fight to stop Kevin. He’s only slight right of John Boehner. We need strong leadership that will not cave to the democrats. This isn’t compromise this is the dems bending the republicans over. KM needs to go.

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I figured they would cave in. They always do.

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Fifty years ago, my elderly neighbor in Brooklyn, New York, gave me great political advice since she had worked at city hall. “All Politicians Are Whores”.

We need term limits to remove the self serving dead wood.

How about having their tax returns online for us to see? I would like to know how people who had no wealth before became suddenly wealthy. Especially a certain bar keeper from NYC.

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The GOP should never have pushed such a goofy fight in the first place. The base care about fiscal discipline. The elites don’t either.

This was an entirely partisan fight that was just a weak attempt to own the president.

If the house passed a bill to allow for Medicaid to negotiate drug prices or a bill to address train derailments or a million other things that would talk to the millions of people disconnected to the Washington drama, then...that would be something that woi taste good

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Democrats were going to complain about anything other than a clean debt ceiling increase, the only thing Biden proposed.

I am waiting for the Br'er Rabbit Democrats to "begrudgingly" vote for this.

This is a Republican loss if they vote for it. I am sure there are things in the Republican passed bill that are not must haves. But this "comprise" means Republicans have no hill to die on.

Kevin McCarthy is not a conservative, he is hemmed in because of Chip Roy. He did the work to get the bill passed, now he just wants a win for him.

If the debt is national security then act like.

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Speaking of tasty, yesterday I made your pnut butter rice crispy treats. Super easy. But my wife was not a fan of just pnut flavor and wanted a Reeces treat. So, in the spirit of happy wife happy life, we amped it up a bit and turned them into Reeces pnut butter treats. After I made your recipe, and chilled them in the fridge, I poured chocolate over them and popped them back in the fridge for 10 minutes.

2/3 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

2/3 cup shortening

Mic for 2 minutes

Stir then pour and spread

And the awesome part is the chocolate infuses thru your recipe.

They achieve HOLY MOLY, unlike this sludge McCarthy is trying to do

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You mention McCarthy getting "work requirements for welfare benefits, but I thought I heard that the deal wouldn't include work requirements for able-bodied Medicare recipients, and I thought that was THE big item. Dems specifically said they'd vote NO if that was in there. Larry Kudlow and Steve Moore, for two, said it was an absolute priority, both for decreasing the deficit and instilling a work ethic back into the American psyche. Adding work requirements for Food Stamp recipients who are 54 years old instead of 45 years old is my definition of "a piddling accomplishment."

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Our Military is the weakest I have ever seen it and I have been watching since I joined the USMC in Jan 1954. We do need more money for them to protect this Nation. ALL the branches are really short on all the numbers of required members of new recruitments. But I do even wonder what kind of people are available today.

But ALL the other stuff is money spent on JUNK to please biden and get it agreed on before it got any closer to the day of real deadline.

But we just remember, GOD IS IN CONTROL.

Blessings Erick to you and your family and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

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