The Humorless Left Wants to Dictate Humor

Humor is one of those concepts that has seemed to fade.  People on the left have suddenly decided there is a direction in which jokes can flow.  One must not punch “down,” but should punch up.  Up is always towards the right.  Midget jokes are no longer allowed because one must always punch down there. 

Along comes the Babylon Bee and it punches in every direction.  It makes jokes about evangelicals, a class of people the writers are a part of.  It makes jokes about Trump supporters.  It makes jokes about the left.

The latter is considered problematic to the left, which not only finds no humor in the jokes, but cannot understand why anyone sees those jokes as funny. At least people on the right understand why jokes about the right are funny even if we don’t find them funny. The Babylon Bee has a new book coming out on wokeness.  The Atlantic decided to profile the Bee as the book comes out and it is hilarious in its inability to relate to conservative humor.  Here’s what I said about it on radio yesterday.

Also, if a midget smokes weed does it get high or just regular?