The N-Word Standard

Morgan Wallen, a country music singer, used the N-word and both iHeart and Cumulus took his songs off the radio. Someone videoed Wallen using the word not in anger or contempt at a black person, but in the way a whole lot of people apparently use it in casual reference to a friend.

Mimi Groves, a freshman in high school, used the N-word similarly. In a three second Snapchat clip, she proudly announced to those she referenced with the N-word that she’d gotten her license. Three years after she uttered it, in her senior year with a scholarship to the University of Tennessee, Jimmy Galligan, a classmate, used the video to destroy Ms. Groves’ academic prospects. The University of Tennessee canceled her scholarship. The New York Times wrote approvingly of Mr. Galligan ruing Ms. Groves’ scholarship.

Hunter Biden, the 51-year-old son of the President of the United States, used the same word in the same way repeatedly in text messages. The major media outlets across the country that condemned Mr. Wallen and Ms. Groves are silent. Why? Well, we know why. Had the text messages of Donald Trump, Jr., Eric Trump, or Ivanka Trump been leaked in the same way and said the same thing, the press would have a field day. You cannot deny that.

While Eric Trump was out raising money for children’s charities, Hunter Biden was mingling with crack, prostitutes, and using the N-word. The media routinely pillories the former and his siblings while ignoring or defending Hunter Biden.

The N-word has become the one word, the use of which, can destroy a person’s career. But it is routinely used in popular music that is listened to and enjoyed across racial lines. The word has become weaponized beyond the power any word should have if it can be used to selectively target and destroy.

If the double standard cancelations continue, people will begin to use the word more, supposing the double standard is faux outrage at a word so common in parts of popular culture. Put another way, if the press will ignore Hunter Biden for the same sins of Wallen and Groves, many will presume the use of the word is not really a cultural sin and they will be bolder in use of it.