The President of the United States Has Gone Into Hiding

As the United States surrenders to the Taliban, Joe Biden is hiding at Camp David

Afghanistan is falling. The President of Afghanistan has fled. The President of the United States has gone into hiding. Joe Biden is camping out at Camp David without having to answer for his spectacularly botched surrender to the Taliban.

It’s not the withdrawal that matters, but the way President Biden conducted it. We left behind military technology and hardware. We left behind allies to be slaughtered. We spent $700 million to build an embassy only to beg the Taliban not to level it. Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump wanted to leave Afghanistan, but neither man did what Joe Biden just did.

An entire country is now back in the hands of a rogue regime that still wants to kill us and now is already cutting deals with China so they can keep killing us while China takes their mineral deposits and funds the regime.

We gave up Bagram’s air base so we have no backup for evacuation as the Taliban surround Kabul. We withdrew our troops and then had to send troops back to finalize evacuations. We left behind military hardware and technology the Taliban has already added to its arsenal.

Our intelligence and military elite assumed the Afghans would hang on at least 90 days. The Afghans fell in less than 7 days.

Now, what is the result?

A land we held with just 2,500 soldiers is captured completely by the Taliban, which will again provide safe haven for Al Qaeda, which turns out not to be dead. China will take the billions of dollars worth of rare earth minerals, cornering the global market on industries depending on those minerals.

How many Americans are going to die in future terrorist attacks because Joe Biden so recklessly fled Afghanistan?

Biden said, seemingly legitimately, that it would not have mattered a year from now, five years from now, or twenty years from now if the Afghan army could not defend itself.

Yes, but remember, Biden said the Afghans could hold on. His intelligence team said they could. His military team said they could. So were they lying or fools or both?

We held an entire country with 2500 soldiers. It’s gone in an instant, back into the hands of terror masters who still want to kill us.

But now Joe Biden wants us to trust him getting a peace deal with Iran.

How many Americans will die because Joe Biden just surrendered to the Taliban and the whole world, from China to Iran to Al Qaeda, saw it live on television?

Joe Biden should resign.