"The GOP, at this point, has accepted the American political press will only ever cast them as the bad guy. They might as well embrace it".... Exactly. The media reporting on the 2000 Election and Algore's mess that followed was a clear indication to me of where the country was headed.... and in the 23 years since, it has gotten steadily worse with each passing year. Ever since 2000, I've been saying that the GOP needs to stop trying to make the media love them, as the media loves the Democrats. It just isn't going to happen, no matter what. The media will always hate the GOP. So quit walking on eggshells and trying to play footsie. You have to embrace it.... Just like the when the military was deployed in the Middle East.... that place sucks. But in order to survive, you have to learn to embrace the suck.

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Apr 11, 2023·edited Apr 11, 2023

Are there Democrats who think the three legislators were wrong; who think the Republicans were in the right to expel them?

I presume so. But because of the bias coverage the impression is if you vote Democrat you think Republican voters are racist and destroying democracy.

The press is not only culpable for covering for Democrat politicians, in do so they are culpable for pitting Americans against each other.

This ends badly, and the press is Nero.

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But, if the press doesn't embrace your counsel and change their biased ways, what then should the R response be? By 'the base' of the R party, do you mean the 'adamant conservative evangelicals' or the 'hesitant appeasing old guard?' If the R party doesn't figure out that it must unify and use all the legal actions within its power to assertively--if not aggressively--stand up to the dominant progressive Democrats' behavior (including the behavior of the biased press), then it will continue to lose ground. Bravo to the Tennessee Rs for expelling 2 of the rioting reps; but, they should have expelled all 3.

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Unfortunately for our survival too true. What still boggles my mind is that they all can't be that brain washed. So much is simple truth, I guess the lack of courage to stand up, desire for money/power or fear for their jobs/families but do they really think siding with the democrat machine and the megalomaniacs behind it will protect them in the long run? That China, Iran, Russia care about any of the woke agenda, environment etc. except how it will help hasten our decline. If they think they will be anything but serf/slaves or dead, after we lose control of our country they are not paying attention to reality. History does repeat itself and it is not looking good. Republicans need to grow a backbone and stick together but I see that won't happen as attack ads on each other already out. It is like Charlie Brown & Lucy the Dem media will ALWAYS pull the ball away.

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I've written a number of comments over the months, trying to encourage all of us to think of ways to get the press to be more even handed. Erick knows people in the press and I know he has influence with them. I'm sure many of them, just want to keep their jobs, and know if they don't sing the liberal-leftist song, they'll end up having to learn how to code. I'll throw out some silly ideas - a new award, similar to a Pulitzer, that rewards actual, even-handed reporting. Matt Taibi (sp) gives his email address on his substack, we could email him, as well as Glenn Greenwald, Victor Davis Hanson, Mollie Hemingway, I'm sure others, that could form a nut of an idea to pull the general press out of being DNC water-bearers. Erick could consider having one of the people on his show, though I know interviewing isn't generally what he does. But, I'd suggest there is a quiet majority of reasonable dems, independents, and centrist republicans that realize the press is skewed and are waiting for strong, positive, smart, congenial leaders from conservatives that can manage the press because they are smarter than them. We need those types of leaders, and we need to keep 'pressing' the press to serve our nation, not just one side.

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You left out the part at the end where, after 2 1/2 weeks of a so-called “government shutdown,” under intense criticism from the press, leftist politicians and pundits, cowardly congressional Republicans cave to the left’s demands because they believe it will cost them less political capital if they abandon the promises they made to their base … yet again.

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Bingo. This is it. The GOP is not just fighting a political game between their opposing Democrat party apparatus. The GOP is fighting a political game between a cabal of the Democrat party apparatus, the mainstream media, big tech and most of the federal government. And all of this is backed by a mob of social justice activists brainwashed in their campus experience.

And then so you have to ask the question how can the GOP survive and win this war if fighting within to pull back to its high and mighty morality and decorum Reaganesk self, or alternatively to recognize that times have changed and we need to fight aggressively and head-on.

In my view, the cabal is committed to a strategy to kill the GOP as an option and make the nation like California.

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The Tennessee boils my blood for many of the same reasons articulated here. What's frustrating with the press coverage is that in this situation the Genda is in plain sight, the Left wants power and is exploiting mass shootings shamelessly to get it. The press shamelessly promotes the narrative the gun confiscation is the solution (and in the process makes each shooter famous by publishing their names which will encourage more mass shooters) but it's clear both by who they cast as the victims in this case and by their lack of enforcement of existing gun laws that their goal is disarming Red America. They want the sort of power Trudeau's government up north has. If the right wingers go out and protest your policies, shut down their bank accounts and break up their protests. The aggressiveness they have jumped onto lionizing the Tennessee 3 is to deflect from aspects of the shooting story that they would rather not face, namely that it was one of their "victims" murdering Christian 9 year olds.

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Apr 10, 2023·edited Apr 10, 2023

Listening to your own home station news this morning and it’s very slanted. They report the TN legislators were expelled for protesting gun violence - that’s it…. The left wing media bias is everywhere R’s be damned.

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So what should Republicans do in your opinion?

I say go all in especially on the budget….but, how should they begin positioning this move?

This is fascinating, but scary since “the press” will try to obliterate the party.

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The best reason for Republicans to be reasonable even when the press and Democrats give them no reason to be is that it’s the right thing to do. Two sides playing to their base is not useful to anyone.

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While the Democratic Press focuses on racism

They take their eyes off the World.

Russia and Iran are working together to Devalue the Dollar.

But they will never say Biden helped. Keep in mind that Iran has been friends with Russia since the Days of the Shah of Iran. Iran recently made peace with Saudi Arabia.

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The Tennessee confrontation seems as if it may have been planned to build on the 1/6 narrative of Republican belligerence

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I have to disagree here. A censor of the members who stormed the TN capital would have been seen as a sign of weakness and the situation would have been worse. Or the same maybe but either way it was the first time republicans actually did something about these socialist revolutionaries.

Those people were insurrectionists, those people had guns even though the press denies it. Given the chance they would have burned the capitol building to the ground if it benefited them.

In my view they didn’t go far enough. Arrest them and put them in jail for 3 years awaiting trial like the other Jan 6 protesters. You said yourself they deserved to be arrested why not them?

Many may not like to hear but we are at war. It’s not a hot guns and tanks war but a cultural war. One were we are fighting for the survival of our children and their children.

Capitulate and we lose.

It’s why I say. It’s not about trump. Anyone would be burned down in the press. Don’t let that fool you one bit. Less we forget the treatment of Bush Jr. When he was president. Up to an including making movies called “kill the president” have we forgotten?

The press is anti American and all it stands for. They hate the constitution when it suits them and despise American exceptionalism. They want a communist regime. Badly.

With that at stake the republicans in TN acted accordingly in my view. Nuff said.

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It looks like the Tennessee Republicans handed their opponents some ammunition by not expelling the older white woman along with the two young black men. Why? Was she less riotous?

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